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Thursday 5 April 2012

Some (but only some) free stuff! Yay!

Good old Boots 3 for 2. On the left there are the two new Revlon nail polish shades "Charming" and "Dreamer". I haven't tried "Charmer" yet but "Dreamer" , the blue shade, has a nice consistency, reaches opacity in two applications and didn't start to chip for two days, which on my nails is miraculous. Also, both shades are nice pastels, in keeping with the trend for all things ice cream coloured for Spring/Summer '12. And bonus- I got one of them for free cause I also bought this Bourjois Volumizer mascara. I haven't used this yet cause I'm still trying to use up Benefit's "They're Real" but this is one of those 2 step yokes that confuses me. The wand comes out of both step 1 and 2..step 1 apparently "prepares for 3d volume" while the 2nd step "creates spectacular 3d volume". Lets hope I don't kill any birds or small woodland creatures with all that "3d volume" thats gonna be going on.
In the middle there is Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation with SPF 15, which has been blogged to death at this stage, so I'll just add my two cents in by saying that its got good coverage, isn't too thick or too thin (not unlike how porridge is at its best) and lasts well. I like.

I was out of concealer so I popped over to the Lancome counter in Boots to pick up this one I've been using lately-Long Lasting Concealer in Beige Sable with SPF 12. I like this, I tend to use it mostly for breakouts but the occasional time for the under eye area also. Cause I was ranting on to the poor SA about how much I love Hydra Zen Neurocalm moisturiser, she kindly threw in a good sized sample. This couldn't have come at a worse time, I literally just finished a sample pot this size and had ordered the normal large size from House of Fraser, so impressed was I with its amazing moisturising ways. This'll still be super handy for travelling though. And also kindly, she threw in a Juicy Tube too! Haven't used one of these in donkey's years but its a pretty colour and a handy bag size.
Thanks Boots lady!!


  1. I really want to try Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation! Sounds great x

  2. Hi Stefany! Yeah, I had already read great things about it but had actually never tried a Rimmel foundation so was wary! It's really great though, would definitely recommend!x