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Thursday 5 April 2012

Smells like Teen Spirit..Actually, no, I meant to say Summer. Smells Like Summer.

HTB brought me home this rather lovely bottle of the new Chloe perfume L'eau de Chloe last week. This is a lovely perfume and present so hurrah for his good taste and long may it last!!
When I was a chillun' my mum used to wear the old school Chloe perfume from the 70's/80's that could strip a man of his carefully cultivated moustache from a few miles away. Thankfully, this is much more delicate. And Pretty. Observe:

Right, so the deal here is that I looked up the description of this online and got a load of waffle about "chypre rose, suffused with pure oxygen", "citrus harmony, recalling summer's ice-cool lemonades", "ethereal rose..sophisticated".
Ya wha'? Oxygen has a scent now, eh?
To my untrained nostrils (and for that read-less able to wax lyrical about perfume), I get an immediate hit of musk, followed by citrus and then a nice delicate rose for a while. Very Summery. The bottle is as beautiful as the brands previous incarnations, this time the perfume itself is a pale green instead of the "oh-so-common-darling" pink of most other scents. It also has the signature bow around the lid-this time a pale pistachio green. Love.
Sex Panther, this is not.*

Another new addition to my array of scents is the lovely new fragrance from Stella McCartney "L.I.L.Y", which apparently stands for Linda I Love You, her da used to call her ma Lily as a shorter way of saying it. Being the romantic sap that I am, I love this back story! From an aesthetic point of view, this ain't too shabby either:

The perfume itself is really feminine but not in an awful sickly sweet way, it has nice musky undertones to prevent that.
Again, reading the brand's description led only to hilarity on my part. To wit: "a journey through the senses..smell of a spring morning..dapped sunlight through the trees...lily of the valley..a passage of time across a forest floor..moss and truffles..earthy..seductive..sensual" You have to imagine that last part being read in a sexy Spanish accent..sensuel. Ahem. But yeah, it actually is rather lovely.
Yay for Summery perfumes!!

*I'm not weird, I just love Anchorman.

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