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Monday 9 April 2012

Make Up Haul! Chanel, MAC, Estee Lauder, YSL and Tom Ford.

I’m a bit of a house of Fraser addict, whenever my HTB and I go to Dundrum I aways find some excuse to go in there. I’ve had to be content recently with just perusing their website, but was overjoyed to find Chanel, MAC, YSL, Bobby Brown and so many more of my favourite brands..drool. This post is actually a combination of two different HoF internet hauls, just in case anyone thinks I'm some sort of internet shopping lunatic (which I am, obviously. I just don't wan't people to actually think that).

So I FINALLY got my grubby little hands on Chanels Illusion D’ombre long wear luminous eyeshadow in Illusoire:

 Every time I’ve gone into Brown Thomas or HOF this shade has been sold out, I even got the HTB to search for it in the duty free for me, to no avail. But now it is mine. Mwah ha ha!! Ahem. I love this. So much. This is a great shade and suits my blue eyes well. It’s nicely sparkly and can be worn lightly for daytime and layered up a bit (for layered up, see plastered on) for nighttime.
It comes with a very cute little brush, which I didn’t bother using, choosing my finger instead- as this is a cream eyeshadow, it glides on well and doesn't need any faffing about with make-up tools. All in all, I love this. Swoon.
I took a swatch of this to photograph but it just wasn't doing it justice, so apologies for that.
More from Chanel, the Soleil Tan de Chanel (below)- an illuminating bronzing make up base for a bronzing effect, which I'll use with the MAC 188 brush, pictured.

I haven't used this yet because..well, I'm slightly terrified but I will use it, I swear!! Again, like all Chanel products, this is fabulous. It smells great, beautiful packaging and hopefully wont make me look like I've been tangoed..eep. I also tried taking a photo of a swatch of this but it kept turning out really badly and looked like I had some awful skin disease so I said I'd forego it.
You're welcome.
MAC Satin Lipstick in Faux on the right, a good matte shade that comes out a natural/pinky colour and Estee Lauder High Gloss in Berry on the left, to be worn over the MAC lipstick, is a nice long lasting gloss with a little bit of glitter in there add a bit of a sheen.

The swatch of the lipstick, again doesn't really do it justice, its much pinker on the lips. Not really shades I would normally buy because I don't find them particularly exciting but they look perfect as part of the bridal make-up I've chosen, which was my reason for purchasing (so I don't feel too guilty).

Tom Ford Lipstick in True Coral. Ok so this was a spendy one (36 sterling..eep) but by God was it worth it.

I actually saw this in a review on and it looked so fabulous on the wearer, Lorraine, that I felt I had to have it. I've never worn a proper matte coral like this before so when I first opened the tube (it makes a very satisfying click by the way) and saw the colour, I was a bit shocked by the pigmentation in it but actually, once on its very flattering, a nice summery colour, which I actually think  is quite wearable.
Also from HOF I got YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in rouge Philtre:

Ok, big breath in…My name is Chloe and I’m a YSL make up addict. Seriously. I love this brand. Good quality, beautiul packaging, amazing make up. Their lipsticks in particular have always been a favourite of mine since I bought my all time favourite red lipstick from them about 6 years ago..I really should try and get that colour again.
I digress. This is part of YSL’s latest collection-it smells gorgeous and packaging is beautiful as per usual. This product markets itself as a gloss, stain and lipstick in one. I tried this out this morning and it lasted well through a coffee, banana and a few kisses too, just for you know, scientific purposes. Ahem. I like this, it kind of takes two coats to get to the colour I want but it is a beautiful, flattering shade of red and I'm intrigued to try out one of the pinkier ones too. 

All in all, some good hauling by me, I'm sure you'll agree. And now to check my credit card bill and weep.
I should say also that I will probably do a post with photos of the above actually on my face (best place for them really) once I a) can learn how to take a flattering photo of my face, b) can rid myself of the dry skin on my lips- Tom Ford would be seriously disgusted with me and c) can figure out how best to apply that chanel bronzer. This may take some time..


  1. Oohh the Tom Ford lipstick looks gorgeous! Cute blog and I am following you now :)

  2. Hello and thanks!
    I've just popped over to your site and am also now following you- looks like we have similar taste! The Tom Ford lippie is amazing. I actually wore it through a 3 course meal while drinking wine and although it had worn off a bit, a lot of the colour still remained. Love it! :-)

  3. I said I wouldn't buy the Soleil Tan de Chanel, but I think I have to. I like nice smelling things and it's pretty, soooo I have to get it, no?
    And the YSL lip stain in the last pic...Oh God, it keeps appearing in front of me, so I take it as a sign that I need one.
    All the products are amazing, and can't wait for the reviews :D
    Have a great day, lady!

    p.s. regarding the J'Ouvert blush, I got it online from here: Take a look at them, they're fab!

  4. I know, I can't wait to start using and reviewing them!! I'm just a bit wary about the tan-I've seen a kind of "how to" on it on another site but I'm still scared i'll end up with huge bronzed cheeks! It does smell yum though! YSL stain I have used and I can tell you now thats its brilliant and def worth your money! Ooh thanks for the J'Ouvert link- I'll check that out now! (cause I really need to buy more cosmetics, ha ha ha!)
    Hope you'd a great day too hun! xx

  5. I DESPERATELY want both of these Chanel products and that Tom Ford lipstick! Well jel :)

  6. Hey girl! I just discovered your blog, and I'm loving it so far!
    I must admit however that I'm so jealous of your purchases, haha!!! That cream eyeshadow by Chanel is such a gorgeous, draw-dropping shade. I want to see more pictures of you wearing it! Also I agree about applying it with fingers. I've tried applying cream eyeshadow on with a brush but it's a little hard to do. I think it's the warm from our fingers that basically melts the product slightly, making it easier to apply.

  7. Hello Ayesha and welcome!
    Yeah, its way easier to apply cream shadow with fingers, I've tried using the little brush they gave with it on the lower waterline though and that seemed to work ok. It really is such a beautiful shade though, i think it would flatter every eye colour and skin tone. xx
    Hi fluff and fripperies! If you're getting anything-get the Tom Ford. It's a thing of beauty! Such a great lipstick, I'm not even going to look at the rest of the colours it comes in because I know I'll want more and I have to stop myself! I will do pictures of it all on, I just have to sort out my camera first-I've lost my memory card so I'm using my iphone which isn't the best for taking photos! xx