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Wednesday 6 February 2013

February Wish List

So this is what I'm currently lusting after..all I need now is a small lottery win and I'll be sorted. Anyways, here they are:

This rather beautiful red lace dress can be found online from Oasis HERE. It's very cute. I've been on the hunt for a decent New Girl-esque red dress so I can complete my transition into becoming Jessica Day and I think this is a pretty good match. Theres a cut-out detail on the back, lace bodice and full pleated skirt. Dreamy.

On sale at the moment is this Biba Embellished Kimono Tunic, which can be found HERE from House of Fraser. This is just the perfect dress to throw on now over a pair of tights with ankle boots and then in the Summer with bare legs and heels. I love Bibas designs, very cool, very retro.

Dior J'adore L'or Essence de Parfum, HERE from House of Fraser. Oh, this is such a beautiful perfume. The original J'adore was my wedding day perfume and is the perfect day time scent- I love it so much. Equally beautiful is this stronger, concentrated version of the original scent that lasts all day and manages to be a strong fragrance while still florally (it's a word!) and not overpowering. So lovely. And expensive. So I may just continue to show up at House of Fraser/Brown Thomas and sneak around while trying to get a spray of it without having to discuss the perfume for the millionth time with the sales assistant. Sigh. 

This sweet tweed and lace dress, from Warehouse (HERE) is easy to dress up or down but probably better suited to Winter what with the tweed element and all. Having said that, this would be very cute styled with a pair of bright heels in the Summer and a leather jacket. Lovely.

Also lovely perfume-wise is this offering from Agent Provocateur, Petale Noir which can be found HERE. This is a really lovely floral/fruity scent with an Oriental vibe. Strong but still a very feminine scent. Yum.

Obviously there's lots of make-up I'm after too- the Rimmel Apocalips look fab, I've been searching every Penneys I enter for the Essence Peel Off Base Coat so I can get my glitter on and I pretty much want ALL the Dior, Clarins and Nars products ever. So again, pretty much just holding out for that Lotto win. I'd love to know what's on everyone else's wishlist, so let me know in the comments!