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Monday 23 March 2015

(Just) 9 Of The Times Carrie Bradshaw Was A Terrible Person

It's not just constant re-runs of Friends that Comedy Central show, it's also Sex and the City. Although I've already seen every episode (and the two somewhat misguided films) a few years back, I've found myself re-watching it at lunch time on my days off recently. In that time I've discovered something which did not occur to me before.
Carrie Bradshaw is a terrible person. 

This is fine, she's a flawed character and I can appreciate that as it makes her more human. What annoys me though is the insistence that she's a good friend to her fellow Manhattan-ites Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. She really isn't, she's actually the worst and the whole "which SATC character are you" (and all the people insisting "I'm a Carrie") discourse that's out there is largely dominated by girls that look to her as an icon- both for fashion and lifestyle. Lads, no. She's awful. 

That time she made Samantha attend her book launch party even though she had a disastrous face peel and didn't want to leave the house. She then made her go home early because her face was putting people off their canapés. Cheers.

The time she makes Aidan forgive her for the fact she cheated on him with Big by repeatedly wailing "YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME" in his face. Grant me strength.

The time she couldn't afford to buy her apartment because she bankrupted herself by buying very expensive shoes and then guilt-tripped Charlotte into giving her her engagement ring for the money.

The time she sent Aidan to help poor naked Miranda with her neck injury.

When she tells Stanley that he finally did it (developed a successful relationship with Marcus), he reveals that it's a sham and they're falling apart and she replies "thank god!", she's RELIEVED HER FRIEND IS MISERABLE.

Delighted with herself. Wagon.

She rings Miranda to rant about someone making a face at her in a bathroom and doesn't even ask her how she is or if she needs help while she struggles with her newborn baby on her own.

Not interested.

The time she arrived late to Charlotte's wedding because she chose that moment to tell Aidan she'd cheated on him. She was a bridesmaid by the way. 

Charlotte tells her "there's some things people don't like to say because of how it sounds, like….(big gulp) I'm getting a divorce". Carrie ignores this and blurts out "I'm lonely!"

And lastly, possibly also the worst: she forces Big's ex wife to see her by showing up unexpectedly on HER DATE to berate her into forgiving her for having an affair with her husband even though she's made it really clear she doesn't want to see her.

See? The worst. Thing is, I quite like Carrie (although I always preferred Samantha if truth be told). She's not perfect and no one is in reality so that's fine. It's all the people saying "life goals" in relation to her that bothers me.

If you can watch the show for what it is, then grand. It's just the romanticising of her character that annoys me I guess. 

Am I alone in that? Does anyone else think that Carrie is the absolute worst? 

Friday 20 March 2015

YSL Black Opium

After some Olympian standard hinting to himself about this perfume, I awoke to it gift wrapped for a recent anniversary with my customary "but how did you know?!". Cue a shrewd look from himself and off he went to make me tea and pancakes. He's a good'un. But back to the perfume at hand. I'm a big YSL fan and have in my time loved several scents from them but nothing has come close to the intoxicating beauty of Black Opium.

YSL Black Opium

Designed with a "glam rock aesthetic" in mind (that'll be the black and silver glitter encrusted bottle then), you'll find your olfactory senses are hit with key notes of black coffee for a "shot of adrenaline" (the brand have actually described this as addictive, so that makes sense too), white florals "to instantly seduce" and vanilla for "sensuality". 
Any perfume I've ever loved has had a good old whack of vanilla in it so it's not surprising that I can't stop sniffing my wrists every time I wear this. I can't say that I got the coffee but I definitely did get white florals and a hint of something darker with it…which I now know is coffee. 
Something new every day, eh?

The beauty of the bottle and the technical stuff aside, this is not for those who love sickly sweet scents; this is a strong, sexy perfume, best suited for night time (although I wear it all the time cause I'm a rebel like that) and probably best avoided if you don't want to seduce passersby just with a swish of hair across your neck. 
Yep, it's that good. 

It is also pricey at €57 for 30ml, €78 for 50ml or €93 for 90ml. Having said that, it's a higher end eau de parfum that lasts throughout the day (I can still smell it on my coat days after wearing it) and is well suited for gifting your loved ones with (thanks Mr Fancy Pants!).

Have you fallen for Black Opium too? Should we start a fan club?

Monday 16 March 2015

Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil | Review

In the past couple of years I've become a complete self tanning convert and was intrigued by the concept of a tanning oil. I know what you're thinking- "tanning oil as in lathering yourself in baby oil and lying under the sun, a la what they did in the 80's when they were all mad??" 
But you'd be wrong. 

This is in fact a moisturising dry oil that, once applied, develops into a natural looking sun-kissed glow. Tan organic is the world's first self tanning oil* and contains a unique blend of 8 different plant oils, including Borage seed oil, Argan oil and Orange peel oil. 
In other good news, it's certified organic and contains no synthetic colours, parabens or preservatives. 

Colour wise, on me this is a pretty noticeable shade of tan but then again I am quite pale naturally. The brand suggest that this is lighter than their original tan but darker than a gradual daily tanner would be and also suggest that you don't need to use a glove to apply. I disagree with that; I always use a glove for applying all types of tan, including daily gradual tanners. it's the best way to avoid any hint of orange hands and I find it also gives a more even finish to your application. 

What I truly love about this tan is that you can apply it straight after a shower, instead of moisturiser. This cuts out a whole skincare step for me which is a huge time saver. It's also very moisturising, so it's ideal for drier skin like mine. It sinks in quickly and I've had no issues with streaking or uneven tanning- every time it's developed into a natural looking, flattering shade of bronze. 

One layer of tan, the morning after application. For reference, I'm normally the same colour as Casper the friendly ghost.

I'm only wearing one light layer of tan in the photo as that's my personal preference but if you wanted to you could go over your tan with an extra layer for a darker finish. I leave mine for 6-8 hours to develop fully so I usually apply after a night time shower. Scent wise, it has a citrusy lemon aroma in the bottle, which is quite pleasant. As it's developing, it does smell more like the classic "fake tan" scent but not as strongly as some other tans do. 

Price wise, this will set you back €24.99 for 100mls but given that you only need a few drops per limb, your cost-per-use actually makes this fairly bargainous. 

This gets two definite thumbs up from me, it's quick and easy to apply, takes good care of my dry skin and leaves me with a gorgeous Summer glow. Love it.

Have you tried Tan Organic's Self Tanning Oil? 
Is it something you'd be interested in?
You can find out more about the brand HERE.

*Press sample, gratefully received. All opinions my own, as always.

Thursday 12 March 2015

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation | Review

Gather around, for I am about to impart a tale of woe about a discontinued foundation. Back in the day I used to love a YSL foundation called Perfect Touch, Radiant Brush. I went through many of these fellas and for a time it was my holy grail foundation. 
Once, a woman actually stopped me on the street to ask me what foundation it was because, and I quote "your skin looks incredible". That woman was not just a random crazy person, she was also correct. And so I found myself thinking about said foundation recently and how it's no longer available over here (it is in the UK but that's another matter) and that surely YSL has a newer counterpart. Which they do. 
Behold, the Touche Éclat foundation

So, what's all the fuss with this one then? 
As per the brand itself; 
it's designed to mimic the effects of the beloved Touche Eclat highlighter and to achieve the same illuminating results but for the entire face. Shadowy areas are targeted, contours defined, imperfections concealed and the texture of the complexion is evened out. 

That sounds like some big promises but I agree with them all. I was surprised at how good the coverage is, given that it's a lightweight foundation. I was expecting that I'd require a lot of it for my entire face but at the most, I use two small pumps. I apply with either a flat brush or just my fingers if I'm feeling very lazy and lo and behold, my complexion immediately looks brighter and healthier, my dark under eye circles aren't as prominent and my skin tone overall looks more even. It also lasts well throughout the day and holds up throughout a 13 hour day at work (the ultimate test!) without a bother. Furthermore, it feels light on my face, almost as if I'm not even wearing foundation, which for a dry skin sufferer is a lovely sensation.

Apologies for the giant close up of my head.

At €40 this is not cheap but it is the very best foundation I've used in a long time and my face deserves it- I put it through enough, the least it should get is a little bit of luxury! 
To quote Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec; 

(new life manta)

Have you tried the YSL Touche Éclat foundation? Tempted?!