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Friday 29 May 2015

Botanics & Bloom; Perfect Partners!

Good morning! It's Friday! We made it at last to the Bank Holiday weekend!
I'm off to the Culture & Chip Festival in Limerick (yes, it's a thing) before some last minute prep for the VHI Mini Marathon on Monday (prep = eating chips at the chip festival and singing "The eye of the tiger" really loudly to myself…be grand).
A lot of you though will have tickets to this years Bord Bia Bloom festival in the Phoenix Park, Dublin (ye jammy dodgers!) which commenced yesterday and runs until Monday the 1st of June. 
This years Bloom will showcase 25 exquisite show gardens as well as 125 Irish food producers, which for the pretty flower lover and consummate food guzzler is by itself very appealing. 
There will also be a beauty element as the good people from Boots Ireland have announced that this will be the inaugural year of the "Botanics Skincare Retreat at Bloom". 
What does that mean exactly? 
Well, visitors to Bloom can take a relaxing break in the Blue Zone to experience the power of plants with tailored skincare consultations and complimentary hand massages provided by Botanics experts. 
When I said 'perfect partners' there in the title, I meant it. The Botanics range was developed in collaboration with The Royal Botanic Gardens to identify the most powerful natural plant extracts to create skincare solutions that really work. 
Cool, eh?!

To give you an idea of the products available from Botanics, I'm taking a look at their Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm*Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution* and Rosewater Toning Spritz*
First up is that glorious looking Cleansing Balm:

I've been a big fan of these sorts of cleansers for a while now, having fallen hard for Eve Lom's offering but then being far too poor to repurchase. I've been on the hunt for a good alternative at a less expensive price point and I think I may be on to a winner here. This comes with it's own muslin cloth in the box (very nice touch), is 97% organic with ingredients like Shea Butter, Rosehip, Sweet Almond, Olive and Jojoba Oils to swiftly lift make up and leave skin soft, smooth and clean. It smells delightful; like a herby/lavendar mix that's very soothing on the auld olfactory senses. Directions are to apply the balm in light upward strokes (it doesn't say to but I always apply balm like this to dry skin), soak your cloth in warm water and remove the balm with small circular movements. This is a really lovely cleanser and only €12.99 for 70ml.

Micellar cleansers are big news at the moment as they remove all your make up in one easy step, require minimal faffing (technical term) and are good for sensitive skin. This one is a 3 in 1 so it claims to dissolve make-up, unclog pores and remove impurities and is suitable for all skin types. It contains Hibiscus which acts as a mild exfoliant and leaves the skin brighter and smoother. Instructions are as simple as applying to a cotton pad and sweeping across your face. Easy as! You can use this day and night but it does contain an AHA which means your skin could be more sensitive to the sun, so if you use it in the morning, wear sunscreen (as you should anyway!). This is €6.49 for 250ml

Lastly, I have the Rosewater Toning Spritz to cleanse impurities and freshen the skin. This is for use after cleansing- spritz generously on to the face (with your eyes closed, protect the peepers!), it says to wipe away with a cotton pad but I find it sinks in pretty quickly so whatever you prefer yourself. This fella tightens your pores, removes the last traces of make up and leaves your skin fresh and prepared for your moisturiser. This'll set you back only €7.69 for 150ml

Other good-to-know facts about Botanics are:
It's tested on (willing) humans only!
Suitable for vegetarians, the only animal derived products is Beeswax (from Bees, obviously).
No mineral oils or paraffin waxes.
No parabens and no sulphates.
Botanics work under a sustainability and organic policy- using organic produce and continually working to reduce their Eco-footprint.


It's 3 for 2 in Boots on selected skincare at the moment (including the Botanics range) so well worth popping in and picking up a few bits yourself! I'd recommend that cleansing balm- it's LOVELY. 

Have you tried anything from Botanics?
Are you off to Bloom this weekend? Or indeed the Chip Festival?! 

*Indicates a Press Sample. All opinions my own, as always!

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Montagne Jeunesse | Review & Giveaway!

I was recently contacted by skincare brand, Montagne Jeunesse to try out two new masks from their range. I've been using these fellas as an at-home facial since I was a teen and to this day, still pop them in my basket in Penneys or in the trolley in the supermarket when I do my groceries. 
There's a large range of flavours to choose from, the brand is against animal testing, is constantly working to reduce it's Eco footprint and uses natural ingredients (and where that's not possible- safe man made ones instead). 
Given that a single sachet is less than two euro, it's a fool-proof and cost effective way of giving yourself a little weekly beauty treat for less than the price of a coffee. Huzzah! 

On to the masks at hand. 
First up is the Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque. This fella contains purple Brazilian Mud (rich in magnesium to cleanse and stimulate), Acai berries (high in antioxidants) and Avocado (vitamin enriched to fight free radicals) and comes in the form of a sheet mask of mud infused bamboo fabric

I was really excited about trying this as I haven't used a fabric mask before (as evident from my over enthusiastic photos below).
To use, you cleanse the skin, apply the mask (very easy as it's pre-cut), relax for 10-15 minutes, remove and rinse off. They include a "massage" step but I left that out as it didn't really seem necessary. 

To start with I was all "I'll do a pouty face, like a proper beauty blogger":

Which quickly morphed into "how much can I look like a serial killer":

That aside, here are my thoughts:

It smells really good, fruity like berries.
It feels wet and cold but there's no drips.
It's like a clay mask and feels nice on; comfortable and relaxing.
Seems like a really efficient way to do a clay mask- very minimal cleaning up to do afterwards unlike a lot of other similar masks.
It was slightly too large for my face- you can see in the photos that it starts to encroach on my hair, so I use this on nights in and then shower afterwards!
My skin looked soft and clear afterwards- no redness or sensitive areas apparent.

Make-up free and tired but look how good my skin looks after the mask! Yay!

Next up is the 7th Heaven (Montagne Jeunesse are also using the name 7th Heaven on some of their masks and I think, throughout the UK.) Black Seaweed Peel-Off Mask. This uses chopped black Laver Seaweed from the Welsh seaside and Sea Buckthorn berries, crushed together to make a deep cleansing, detox mask that peels off dirt and grease. 

Again, super easy to use: clean skin, apply the mask, relax for 20-25 minutes, peel it off and you're done! 
I borrowed my long-suffering husband for this one, who's doing his very best caped crusader face below:

*Gravelly voice* "I'M Batman".

I obviously also got his opinions on it while the mask did its thing:

It feels nice going on (he's never had a facial so has nothing to compare it to but he liked it)
Smells like flowers.
Feels cooling and tightening and a bit tingly, like mint.
It felt refreshing as it was peeling off but it was annoying that some parts didn't peel off and were left behind (that's actually an important note- when applying I layered it on a bit too thickly in parts and those parts then didn't dry completely. I'd recommend a thin layer).

That's it peeling off- you can see the bits that weren't dry and were left behind. I left them on for longer but some still didn't dry so needed a wet muslin cloth to remove.

Skin felt clean and refreshed afterwards.
Would use again- success!

So that's us happy out and amazingly, the good people at Montagne Jeunesse are giving Nurse Fancy Pants readers a chance to try out a mask for yourself too!
Follow THIS LINK for an opportunity to win a free mask! There's 30 up for grabs so quite a good chance to get a nice midweek treat for yourself. 

Are you a fan of Montagne Jeunesse too? Have you tried either of these? Do you also make serial killer faces when wearing a sheet mask? (so many questions). 

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Nails Inc. NailKale | Review

I thought I'd long ago given up on Nails Inc. as a brand until recently when my sister and I got a mini manicure in Brown Thomas at one of their nail bars. I was really eager to try the nude shade from the Victoria Beckham range until I spotted this beauty, which although similarly nudey, ended up being more of a flattering shade for pasty skin tones.

The packaging is also really lovely on this. The bottle itself is sleek and rather fancy while it comes in a special Nails Inc. presentation box (on the right), making it ideal to give as a gift.

Relatively new from the brand is the "NailKale" range, described as;

"the first anti-oxidant superfood nail polish made with kale extract for stronger, healthier nails. Botanical extracts nourish and brighten, keratin hardens and protects against splitting".

That all sounds impressive but I wasn't sure if it could be as good as all that given my previous Nails Inc. experiences, which were poor to say the least.

Well, when you're wrong you're wrong. This is one of the best nail polish formulas I've ever used. The brush is wide and encompasses the entire nail neatly and efficiently. The application is perfect; smooth and a joy to apply. It dries quickly and leaves a glossy, expensive looking finish and the shade I have (which is actually an exclusive for Brown Thomas, called "Brown Thomas") is a true classic; elegant, versatile, classy and timeless. It's barely been off my nails for the last month. I love it.

Furthermore, it lasts me a full week with only mini chips, if at all, which is pretty remarkable for me. Although each polish is €17, which I know is steep, if you get a manicure then you can buy this fella at a discount of (I think) €7 off (but don't quote me!).
It's also worth noting that although you could indeed buy several cheaper bottles of polish for the same price, you most definitely won't get as good quality. Even though this was a gift from my sister I would happily buy more of these myself.

The perfect "Greige". Swoon. 

I now have my eye on "Bright Street", an illuminating polish to brighten the nail bed and whiten nail tips and "Abbey Road", a pastel lilac, one of my all time favourite shades for nails. 

Have you tried the NailKale range yet? Were you as impressed as I am?

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Nima Brushes: An Irish Brand That You NEED In Your Make Up Bag

A couple of months back I was sent brushes from two different NIMA Brush Collections to put to the test. Before I got into make up properly (late teens I guess...dark times) I thought using brushes to apply make up was mere faffing but having seen the difference it makes to the finished look, I'll never go back. 
A little bit about the brand; NIMA Brush is an Irish cosmetic brush company specialising in brushes manufactured using the most natural fibres and strongest brush ferrules (the part that holds the bristles in the brush). Their aim is to supply specialised brush sets to professionals and non professionals alike at a price to suit everyone's budget.

Make up brush heroes!

I actually almost didn't want to sully them by using them..look how beautiful they are!! (heart eyed emoji time)

There's twenty pieces in the Artistic Collection, of which I have five.  
You can buy the compete collection for €154.99 or you can pick and choose which brushes you want yourself as they are also priced individually.

First up is The Georgie. This is an angled face foundation brush and can be used obviously for foundation or other cream products (this would be particularly good for those cultivating a Kim Kardashian look- it's a good'un for cream contouring). I use it just for foundation and really like it. At first it felt almost too hard (I know, that's what she said) but after I used it a bit it's just right. I tested it using a new foundation versus just my fingers and then a foundation brush from another brand and this provided the best results. Impressed. This is priced at €16.

The Erin is fan brush priced at €10. I use it either to apply powder lightly overall or to remove fallen eyeshadow from under my eyes. Other uses include: a sweep of blush, highlighting above cheekbones or shading below cheekbones (again, contouring ahoy!)

The Blaithín is a precision blush brush and comes in at €16. I naturally enough use this for blush- it's super soft and allows you to apply blush specifically where you want it- i.e on the apples of your cheeks, rather than all over your face like with some larger brushes can. You can also use the tip of the brush for highlighting if you're that way inclined.

The Lady is a stubby tapered eye brush and the Kate is a lip brush. These are €9 and €10 respectively. Truth be told, I have used neither of these because I've been obsessed with the eye brushes I was sent (below) so this little one didn't get a look in (see what I did there?!) and I never use lip brushes. I know, it's pure laziness but I can't change the habit of a lifetime. That's not to say these aren't lovely brushes, I will use them when the situation arises but I guess for now it's important to know that there's a brush in the Artistic Collection for everything.

This is the Elite Collection Eye Detail set that I mentioned above and is priced from €30. Included is a Large Shader to apply a base shadow (also great for those with larger eyes), a Small Shader/Smudge brush (I use this for smudging the eyeshadow under my eyes- it's great because of how precise it is so it doesn't go everywhere, just where I want it), a Crease Blender brush (does what it says on the tin but is also nice and soft so it's good for blending), a Bent Eyeliner brush to help you get your gel or liquid liner right into the inner corner of the eye which can be notoriously difficult to reach and lastly, an Angled Brow Brush for a perfectly tapered brow or for creating an eyeliner flick. 

Look it, I'm not a make up artist but I can get my own make up as close to perfection as possible with the correct brushes. These are absolutely ideal for make up fanatics and newbies alike- you can pay as much or as little for make up itself as you want but if you have the right tools to get it on your face then that's half the battle! It's also important to mention that these wash really well, you hear horror stories of other brush brands that fall apart after a few washes, but not these. They're also very aesthetically pleasing (not to be too superficial there). 

Find out more about NIMA brush HERE, you can shop by brush type, collection or set so there's something for every price range.

Do you own any NIMA's? Any others I need in my collection?

Monday 18 May 2015

Lloyd's Pharmacy Introduce: SkinEffect

More and more these days, pharmacies are becoming our go-to for beauty bargains, sought after skincare and niche brands as well as advice and a box of Lemsip. Lloyd's Pharmacy are no different and have recently launched their own skincare brand, Skineffect, as part of a new campaign to promote healthy skin and bodies across Ireland over the Summer months. 
As well as the seven hardworking products from the range, if you call in store you can have your skin assessed using a skincare analysis system to help determine your skin's needs. I think this is a great idea- so many people are unsure of their skin type and end up buying products they don't need. This will save you money and help your skin. Winning! 
The analysis is a questionnaire done there and then in store and means that a bespoke skincare regime can be created for you that includes not just cosmetic products but also supplements (some of which I have been given to try out- more on that at a later date!)
For now though, here are the products that are available, there's currently 30% until May 26th (yay!) so I've reflected that in the pricing:

Of the four products above, I've tried the Anti-Ageing Face and Eye Serum and the Intense Anti-Age Face Cream. Both are free of parabens, allergens and colorants, are light, easily absorbed, non-greasy and smell incredible! The moisturiser in particular is very comforting on the skin and left me feeling soft and hydrated. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! I'm auld now folks, I need all the help I can get and I love a good anti-ageing serum/moisturiser combo, plus those prices are too good to pass up.

I'm always trying new hand creams in the search for the Holy Grail so that'd be my pick here, along with the body lotion for my super dry skin. I would find that body wash a bit too pricey for my tastes but if you suffer from sensitive skin this again contains no added allergens, parabens or colorants so could be a good option for a lot of people. 

What makes this range different is a new innovative ingredient, exclusive to Skineffect called HydraMatrix. I'm not a scientist nor do I pretend to be so here's what the brand says of that:

HydraMatrix hydrates the skin, fighting moisture loss, nourishing the skin to maintain hydration to soothe and stimulate cell regeneration while stimulating the immune protection mechanism, reducing the oxidative stress of UV rays and renovates the natural hydration level of the skin day after day. All products in the Skineffect range also work to delay the ageing process.

So now!

While you're in looking at this lot you'll notice Lloyd's also carry Nuxe, Caudalie, Clarins, Eucerin, Trilogy, Neostrata, Avene and Dermalogica, all much sought after skincare brands.

You can visit the website HERE to find details of your nearest store or you can also order online with next day delivery. 

What do you think of the skin analysis system? Is it something you'd be interested in trying?

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Recently Read: April

Slightly late, as always but here it is nonetheless. I managed to read plenty over the last month, mostly thanks to Audible, which I am somewhat addicted to.

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson
Jon Ronson is a journalist who has spent three years travelling around and meeting people who have been publicly shamed, in this case via social media. Examples include those who have made poorly realised jokes on Twitter that have then gone viral, an author who falsified Bob Dylan quotes in a biography he wrote about the star or those who've made a mistake in the workplace (generally even in the last case though they end up vilified on Twitter). 
Ronson makes the point that how we seek justice has changed, it's now become "democratised". We, as keyboard warriors have all the power and can contribute to ruining a life by a simple retweet. That might sound overdramatic but the cases in the book really make that point quite strongly. Reading the book made me very cautious about using Twitter. "Could that be misconstrued?" I frequently found myself asking before hitting send. This was one of those Audible books, read in Ronsons own voice, which to be honest was a bit irritatingly drawn out at times. It was however, also peppered with his own particular brand of humour, which I enjoyed and overall this was an interesting read. 

The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne
General good egg Sharon from Behind Green Eyes recommended this one and as I can't resist a creepy, supernatural thriller I very happily picked it up for a holiday read. Sarah and Angus have identical twin daughters but tragedy strikes when one of the girls dies in an accident. It's a year later and their surviving daughter starts acting strangely, uncharacteristically even. The family moves to the Hebrides for a fresh start but things begin unravelling when it dawns on them that their living daughter is behaving more like her twin sister. Now the couple not only have to face the possibility that they may have buried the wrong child but also that something more sinister may have been behind her death. This was a super creepy book and more than once I had actual shivers. I deducted a couple of stars from this on Goodreads at the time because I felt the author over used adjectives to describe Scotland and their new home and I thought that contributed to slowing the plot down a little bit. That aside though, this was a fairly captivating story and the ending while somewhat bleak, was original and unexpected. 

The Two Of Us by Andy Jones
This was a kindle read for while I was on holidays and was one of those number-one-in-the-bestseller-list-but-possibly-because-it's-99p books. So naturally I was a bit cautious but happily, I was pleasantly surprised. When the book starts, we meet Fisher and Ivy who themselves have only just met nineteen days ago. In that time, they've fallen head over heels for each other. The book follows the trials and tribulations of an unconventional courtship over the next twelve months of their lives, told from Fisher's perspective. That latter detail is what makes it quite special actually, Fisher's voice is unique in the world of love stories and I can see how this book would appeal to both sexes because of that. It is slightly slow in places but I feel like that's more due to the mundane realities of life rather than a lull in the writing of Andy Jones in fairness. 
Really, it is wonderfully, sensitively written, charming and honest with really likeable characters that you will want to root for. If you're looking for a good Summer read, this is the one!

The Sense Of An Ending by Julian Barnes
I've had this on my to-read list for a while now and so I went for it when it was on special offer on Audible (I'm not being paid to use the word Audible by the way, although if you happen to be reading this Audible, I am more than happy to be recompensed with books. Call me). 
Anywho, the book is narrated by a middle aged man called Tony Webster. The book begins with Tony reminiscing about his school years, where he and his clique of friends were somewhat arrogant teens, thinking they were intellectually above their fellow students. This becomes even more apparent to them with the addition of a new boy to their group, Adrian, a particularly precocious youth with a philosophical take on most historical events. After they go their separate ways to university, the friends have a falling out over a girl and Tony behaves appallingly to Adrian. A tragedy occurs and then we are back to the present day where Tony's actions at a younger age are once again brought to the fore and he must examine his behaviour and his life to date. 
So this won the Booker prize back in 2011 and here's the thing with the Booker prize, it can be hit and miss (looking at you, Wolf Hall). It started out very promisingly for me and I was really interested in the schoolboy exploits (although there was a bit of a bang of Dead Poets Society from it) detailed in the first part of the book but part 2 really and truly dragged and overall, the book failed to affect me or move me emotionally. So while I can see why it is an award winner, it did nothing for me personally. 

Salem's Lot by Stephen King
Here, you all know by now that I have a thing for Stephen King. Not him personally, dirtbirds. No, his  unique writing style gets me every time and usually leaves me terrified, crying, laughing, entertained and sometimes, even a little bit nauseated. I had less emotions reading Salem's Lot. A few things with this one, it was written in the 70's but still holds up quite well. King mentions in the foreword that he was influenced by the depiction of small town Americana in the book Peyton Place, which I can attest to as I was coincidentally, trying to read both at the same time and had to put PP down. He also mentions that he grew up loving both the "trash" horror novels (his mothers description) and books like Dracula that were available to him, which definitely had an influence here. Set in a New England town that is slowly but surely being overpowered by vampires with only a small group of ragtag potential slayers (shout out to Buffy!) to defend it, it is classic King. This is his version of the vampire novel and it's not bad at all. In this world, the blood suckers are pure evil- they most definitely do not sparkle and they don't want to be your boyfriend (*cough, stalker, cough* Looking at you, Cullen). I was fearful for the characters more than once and certainly a little bit creeped out. It didn't however, move me the way his books normally do, so I'd say it's probably the most disappointing one yet. For him though, that's still pretty good. 

Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French
I've been a big fan of comedian Dawn French for years now and had meant to read this, her second work of fiction for some time. I finally got the chance when I found it on the bookshelves of the house we stayed in on holidays last month. The Sylvia in question is in a coma and is visited in each chapter by a slew of family and friends; her ex husband, hippy sister, estranged daughter, madcap housekeeper and deranged friend. They all know a different Sylvia and as the book progresses, we get to know the woman she really is and the very dark secret she's been hiding. I loved this book. I thought it was frankly masterful how French created a sense of a person that could then change completely just with small snippets of information and I felt myself warming to Sylvia with each chapter. I also LOVED her nurse, Wynnie. She gets her own chapters too where she cares for Sylvia the way nurses actually do in real life- all the small cares and attentions that people don't realise we do but that make a huge difference to the patient. Plus her character was fantastic- strong and funny but also warm and loving. So many great female characters in this actually- multi dimensional like real people! The only negatives I could say about this book were the chapters where Sylvias husband visited. I found those dragged as he mostly came to speak to her about gardening. Apart from that though this was an excellent read, I laughed (loudly) and cried and was so sad to finish it. Always the sign of a good book.

What did you read last month? Anything good?

Wednesday 6 May 2015

I Want To Be A Mermaid..

My Ariel love rages on. The Little Mermaid came out when I was a mere nipper of five years old and I instantly fell for her super swishy red hair, her under sea antics and her love of all things human, even though she used them for all the wrong purposes. Dinglehopper anyone? 
I also had an Ariel doll that changed colour in water. Overall, I loved her. A recent re-watching confirms that it's still an enjoyable Disney classic if not exactly a feminist masterpiece but you can't have everything! 
Meanwhile, I'm obsessed with all things under the sea, as is evident from the below collage. 
Everything's better down where it's wetter, don't you know. Ooh-er etc.

Slightly more understated than everything else is this Seashell locket necklace with a pearl, €29.36, Etsy HERE.

This pink metallic shell bag from SkinnyDip, £30, HERE is super summery. Also available in blue. 

Woman's hair on Pinterest that I want. I'm probably going to go for a much less dramatic version and add in peach to my blonde hair this Summer. 

These Ariel pjs from Topshop have to be mine. I've been putting off buying them for ages cause I really don't need new pyjamas but the fact that I keep going back online to look at them means they should probably come live with me. £22.00 HERE.

And eh, more seashells with this SkinnyDip phone case, £12, HERE.

Lastly, this super sparkly green sequin dress kinda screams mermaid. It ticks my "can I wear it with black tights" box too. £39 HERE from Motel Rocks

Penneys also have some very summery tees at the moment with slogans like: "part time mermaid" etc if that floats your boat (see what I did there?!).

In case you needed another reason to love her, she's also patron princess of the make-up addicted:

G'wan Ariel!


Tuesday 5 May 2015

Nivea Q10 Serum Pearls | Review

A couple of months ago I was sent the new Nivea Q10 Serum Pearls plus the accompanying day, night and eye creams to try out. I've been putting them to the test since then and here's how I got on. 

Nivea have been using Q10 to combat signs of ageing for over 15 years now but this is the most powerful addition to the range to date.

The brand says that the "Anti-wrinkle Serum Pearls contain the highest ever dose of coenzyme Q10 in a patented suspended pearls technology. Clinical trials have proven that the breakthrough formula and dispenser visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles".

Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle range

I was actually intrigued by the serum as it's nothing like anything I've tried before. The serum pearls are full of coenzyme Q10 and are suspended in a moisturising clear hydro gel that contains three top skincare ingredients; coenzyme Q10 (used for skin cell's energy production, helps prevent against oxidative damage), Hyaluronic Acid (wonder product, absorbs up to a thousand times its own weight in water so it acts as a filler, plumper and smoother) and Creatinine (boosts protection, performance and activity of skin cells). When you press the pump down, the Q10 pearls dissolve and blend with the hydro gel. Together they revitalise the skin, smooth the appearance of wrinkles and help achieve a younger looking complexion. 

Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle serum pearls

It's an unusual formula in that it feels almost whipped and full of air so it's quite light on the skin. I tend not to have a huge amount of wrinkles but it definitely gives me a smoother complexion. I feel like it absorbs well into the skin and leaves a brighter finish than most serums. It's also light enough that you can apply your moisturiser quickly afterwards and it works nicely as a make-up base. Overall I quite like this, it's only €14.99 for 40mls and I feel like that'll last me a good while as you only need a small pump for your whole face.

On the left: The Q10 Serum Pearls. Right: Serum Pearls blended.

Nivea Q10 plus Anti Wrinkle eye cream

This is the Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Energising Day Cream. It's designed for tired, dull skin and again contains Coenzyme Q10, Creatinine but also Goji Berry extract. Thankfully being a day cream, there's also an SPF of 15 and UVA protection. I LOVE this stuff. The smell is practically edible and it's light and non-greasy upon application. It sinks in fast and is ready for make-up application soon after. I'm picky about my moisturisers and I really rate this one. This is only €11.80.

Nivea Q10 plus Anti Wrinkle eye cream

The Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream is a bit thicker in formula and probably takes a little bit longer to sink in to the skin but is super moisturising and softening. Again it contains Coenzyme Q10 and Creatinine both of which are naturally found in the skin but decrease over time so your skin can't regenerate as well as previously. This contains both of those so works to give your skin the boost it needs overnight. This is €12.59.

Nivea Q10 plus Anti Wrinkle eye cream

The Q10 plus Anti Wrinkle eye cream again contains Coenzyme Q10 and creatinine to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and minimise dark under eye circles. This is a lovely light formula (I can't stand really thick eye creams) so it absorbs easily, feels light and refreshing on and is a great base for make-up. I use this twice a day on cleansed skin. This costs €11.79

Basically this is a really affordable and effective skincare range for those who are more concerned about maintaining younger looking skin. I always recommend the use of a serum and a day cream with an SPF so those are my top picks from the range. 

There's also a Q10 plus CC tinted moisturiser, Q10 plus anti-wrinkle age spot day cream with SPF30, an energising day cream and a plus pore refining day cream, so plenty to choose from!
Have you tried anything from the Nivea Q10 range?

Monday 4 May 2015

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

Irish über blogger Suzanne Jackson has created a range of gel nail polishes and I was delighted to attend the launch last week. Featuring 25 shades of gel nail polish in high pigment mattes and shimmers as well as a base and top coat, the range should have something for everyone.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

Having given the colours a good peruse on the night, I think the shades are perfect for Spring/Summer with everything from mint, blue and pink pastels to darker purple, blue and teal shades and gorgeous glitter packed gels for balmy Summer nights out. Suzanne's favourite shade is "I Do" which was designed with brides in mind, a nice touch I think!
Personally, I love the look of this glittery polish but then I am quite the magpie:

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

The SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Nail Collection is now available in pharmacies nationwide, Penneys stores and selected nail salons and all polishes are priced at the RRP of €7.99.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

I received a stunning dark midnight blue with a shot of silver glitter called "Blue My Mind" which I'll be trying out this week and will have a separate post on to let you know how well it applies and wears. 

Have you tried any of the polishes from the SOSU range yet? Are any of the colours catching your eye?