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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Nails Inc. NailKale | Review

I thought I'd long ago given up on Nails Inc. as a brand until recently when my sister and I got a mini manicure in Brown Thomas at one of their nail bars. I was really eager to try the nude shade from the Victoria Beckham range until I spotted this beauty, which although similarly nudey, ended up being more of a flattering shade for pasty skin tones.

The packaging is also really lovely on this. The bottle itself is sleek and rather fancy while it comes in a special Nails Inc. presentation box (on the right), making it ideal to give as a gift.

Relatively new from the brand is the "NailKale" range, described as;

"the first anti-oxidant superfood nail polish made with kale extract for stronger, healthier nails. Botanical extracts nourish and brighten, keratin hardens and protects against splitting".

That all sounds impressive but I wasn't sure if it could be as good as all that given my previous Nails Inc. experiences, which were poor to say the least.

Well, when you're wrong you're wrong. This is one of the best nail polish formulas I've ever used. The brush is wide and encompasses the entire nail neatly and efficiently. The application is perfect; smooth and a joy to apply. It dries quickly and leaves a glossy, expensive looking finish and the shade I have (which is actually an exclusive for Brown Thomas, called "Brown Thomas") is a true classic; elegant, versatile, classy and timeless. It's barely been off my nails for the last month. I love it.

Furthermore, it lasts me a full week with only mini chips, if at all, which is pretty remarkable for me. Although each polish is €17, which I know is steep, if you get a manicure then you can buy this fella at a discount of (I think) €7 off (but don't quote me!).
It's also worth noting that although you could indeed buy several cheaper bottles of polish for the same price, you most definitely won't get as good quality. Even though this was a gift from my sister I would happily buy more of these myself.

The perfect "Greige". Swoon. 

I now have my eye on "Bright Street", an illuminating polish to brighten the nail bed and whiten nail tips and "Abbey Road", a pastel lilac, one of my all time favourite shades for nails. 

Have you tried the NailKale range yet? Were you as impressed as I am?


  1. Ooh this colour is stunning. I've only recently started falling for these griege shades (verY late to the party!) but this is a beaut. I haven't tried any Nails Inc polishes yet but after reading this I'll be skipping their regular line and going straight for the Kale range!

    1. Yay! Do skip the others- I never got on with them, chipped the bejaysus out of it on my nails!

  2. have never tried nails inc but how cute is it that it is named after brown thomas! the polish looks stunning!

    1. That new range seems to be really good if you were going to try anything from them!