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Monday, 4 May 2015

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

Irish ├╝ber blogger Suzanne Jackson has created a range of gel nail polishes and I was delighted to attend the launch last week. Featuring 25 shades of gel nail polish in high pigment mattes and shimmers as well as a base and top coat, the range should have something for everyone.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

Having given the colours a good peruse on the night, I think the shades are perfect for Spring/Summer with everything from mint, blue and pink pastels to darker purple, blue and teal shades and gorgeous glitter packed gels for balmy Summer nights out. Suzanne's favourite shade is "I Do" which was designed with brides in mind, a nice touch I think!
Personally, I love the look of this glittery polish but then I am quite the magpie:

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

The SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Nail Collection is now available in pharmacies nationwide, Penneys stores and selected nail salons and all polishes are priced at the RRP of €7.99.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

I received a stunning dark midnight blue with a shot of silver glitter called "Blue My Mind" which I'll be trying out this week and will have a separate post on to let you know how well it applies and wears. 

Have you tried any of the polishes from the SOSU range yet? Are any of the colours catching your eye?


  1. On instagram a few people have noticed these chip after a day or two. For what they cost, I won't be rushing out anytime soon to get these.

    1. I'll have a post this week on how well they wear!

  2. Ooh that glittery one looks nice!