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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Kitsch-en heaven (oh yes, I went there)

On a mundane trip to do groceries the other day, this little beauty caught my eye:

Costing only 13 squids or something similar, the ideal tray for me to carry cake and tea on when I'm pretending to be a lady!
I immediately pounced and informed HTB loudly that "WE NEED THIS!!! WE NEED THIS IN OUR LIVES!" He smiled knowingly (a little too would be fair to say that I have clad our entire apartment in floral and kitsch items of this nature) before steering me away wisely from the matching pink cocktail shaker with flamingo twirling sticks.
Actually, Flamingo twirling sticks is an AMAZING collection of words. I may go now and spend the rest of the day trying to casually wedge that into a conversation.

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