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Thursday 5 April 2012

Hospital Food..Shudder.

So, there’s really no way of sugar coating this post (there really isn’t, I coated every item of food I was given in either sugar or salt and neither had the desired effect of making any of it edible) but the way I see it is, this is almost an expose of the horrors that are being served as food to the sick and vulnerable in Irish Hospitals on a daily basis, so really I’m doing society a favour. All about the altruism, me. Having said that, I had to suffer it, so every one else should too. 
Having been a nurse for a good few years now, I am well used to the vileness of canteen food but this...was a different beast altogether (Potentially. We don't actually know what manner of animal, fish or mineral was used in the making of these meals).
And now, to the photographic evidence:

So, firstly are my two "vegetarian salads". Nothing like a good beef or ham vegetarian salad, I always say. Note also, the presence of the celery salad next to the beef..celery, the devils own vegetable.

This is trifle. Or so I was told. I tasted it, just for the craic but mostly to see what in fact was under the skin of custard you can see there..the answer is bad things. Very bad things.

This tasty number is either chicken or turkey. Its hard to tell. With it are some of the worlds hardest mashed potatoes that not even butter could rectify and a grand old pile of frozen veg, barely reheated.

This was in honour of Pancake Tuesday, which, granted, was a nice gesture but I'm pretty sure whatever this was never in fact saw a pancake, nor for that matter a Tuesday.

Speaking of pancakes, this is apparently a "chicken pancake". Never heard of such a thing you say? Well, come closer my friend. Upon cutting into it, its contents burst forth, Like in the film "Alien", giving birth to- not actually an alien, that would be ridiculous- but just to my own personal revulsion. Shudder.

And lastly, the piece de resistance, the fried "fish" literally swimming in its own old grease. Thanks Irish Health Service, its been a pleasure.


  1. Yup, looks like exactly the same mank that is served up where I have worked (Scotland and England)! Do you get completely made up dessert names too? Pretty sure diplomat pudding doesn't exist in the real world!

    Anna x

  2. Hi Anna!
    Yeah, there were some real horrors there alright. I'm really intrigued by this "diplomat pudding" though!! What the hell is in that?!

    CeeCee xx

  3. It is a wonder patients survive! It is a testament to the care of nurses, no doubt.

  4. In fairness I'd just like to point out that (from experience, apologies if anyones experienced differently) but the food in the Bons Cork is lovely! I don't know how they do it but it was lovely while I was in there. CUH on the other hand? *shudder*