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Wednesday 4 April 2012

"I'm (new) cold and there are wolves after me.."

Ah, the tricky first post. I'm writing this whilst half watching Grey's Anatomy so if phrases such as "hand destroyed in a meat grinder", "inoperable tumour" and "sex in the on-call room" somehow get mingled with talk of how I'm spending the day warming myself with tea, my beloved electric blanket (bloody hell its freezing today, my 3/4 length sleeve 60's style swing coat that looks stupid closed was a mistake) and lemon drizzle cake (its not warming but by God, is it delicious), then I apologise. And if you can follow that sentence then you're a genius of some sort and most likely don't belong on this blog.
Anyhoo, I'm clearly new to this malarkey so if anyone out there does happen to stumble upon this blog then-Welcome friend!
The next few posts are gonna be mostly about my recent new internet make up and clothing purchases, trips to the cinema and randomly-hospital food. Thats all I've known for the past few months and now it shall be your knowledge too, dear readers.


  1. Hi Nurse Fancy Pants! Welcome to the Bloggeroony World!

  2. Hello!
    Thanks so much for the welcome! I've been looking at your blog (which I love) and a few others for a while now and last wk I just said I'd go for it and start my own and start following others properly. Yay! Loving it so far!

    CeeCee xx