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Saturday 14 April 2012

Mini Book Haul!

Yay! Mini book haul!:

Given my love for the Bronte sisters classics "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights", it was a no-brainer for me when I saw these little lovelies on Amazon:

There isn't much to say about these as I've read them both about a million times, except-look at the fancy covers. How I love me a nice fancy hardbacked cover. I'm easily pleased.
Whilst there, Amazon also made some more helpful suggestions for me (I find Amazon's creepy computerised knowledge of my taste in books rather..well, creepy).
I have and love "Love Letters of Great Men" and always felt it was a bit of a gip that the ladies romance-writing abilities weren't as well represented as the dudes, so I was delighted when I saw this:

It features letters from famous female figures throughout history to their men folk, including; Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn (God love them), Queen Victoria and Emily Dickinson. Lovely.

Next up, the modern feminist classic "The Beauty Myth-How images of beauty are used against women" by Naomi Wolf, which I've been intending to read for a long time now.

There shall of course be a review to follow at some stage (I'm adding it to the other big pile of books I have to read), although it no doubt may seem slightly ironic to have a review of that particular book on a blog that's chiefly concerned with beauty...hmm.
Lastly, I have "The Irish Bride's Survival Guide":

a very thoughtful gift from a friend which will no doubt come in very handy!! I also have loads of Kindle books as yet unread, which means lots of reviews to come!


  1. Ooooooooh pretty books! I am a bookworm myself, and I'm currently reading 3 books at the same time. Can't wait for your reviews! One cannot have enough books (or makeup, but that's another subject ;) ).

  2. Oh I agree! And my straining bookshelves and bathroom cabinet full of make up are testament to that! I'm a bookworm too, im currently reading 2 books on the kindle and an actual book as many books, so little time!xx

  3. The Beauty Myth looks really interesting, might purchase it on Amazon!

  4. Genuinely swooned when I saw the Love Letters of Great Women. Looks wonderful - such a lovely glimmer of shining literary sunshine to light up a day clouded by study :) x

  5. @Kat, yeah I'm looking forward to reading it, it's supposed to be excellent.
    Ailbhe, you would love the Love Letters, so fabulous!