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Monday 9 April 2012

Everlasting OPI polish

I had time off over Christmas (first time ever) so I said I'd treat myself and get the nails done. A friend had recommended mink hand and foot spa in Donnybrook ( so I said I'd give them a lash. Have to say, the staff there are excellent and the spa itself is a lovely, relaxing place to go for a bit of pampering. I only got my finger nails done but if you're getting a mani and pedi you go to the fancy room upstairs..something I'm considering for the forthcoming nuptials.
Anyways, because it was Christmas, I got a lovely shade of red- think it was OPI Big Apple Red, regardez vous:

Excuse the dodgy photo, taken immediately afterwards once safely warm in the car. Pretty though, no? The idea with this is and I quote, "revolutionary everlasting product is applied like a polish, cured under an LED lamp and stays chip free for up to 21 days".
Mine lasted about 2 and a half weeks before chips started to show and I then held onto it for as long as possible after that to get me money's worth!
You then have to go back to the salon to have it removed which is unpleasant but fairly quick. It does cost an extra tenner to have it removed, which I wasn't informed of when I booked in the first place and was none too pleased about considering the original polish cost 55 quid! There are loads of cheats ways online of removing everlasting polish, mostly involving tin foil and no doubt a horrendous amount of acetone but I always think its safer to go with the professionals with these things, as its never been a wish or desire of mine to destroy my nails any more than they already have been by poor genetics and years of nail polish abuse.
So would I get it done again? Definitely. It was a beautiful manicure and it made me feel like a lady having chip free nails (it doesn't take much to make me feel like a lady, clearly) for as long as I did. The red was a good choice too as it pretty much went with everything, clothes-wise. I would say though that I was slightly disgruntled about not being informed about the extra 10 euro for removal, I think its something the company should consider putting into their treatments brochure as well as telling costumers about in advance.


  1. LOVE that red, I am a sucker for red nails. Beautiful (and great blog by the way!)

  2. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you, I love your blog! Yeah, its a great red, they have a big selection of OPI colours so I think I'd get russian navy next.