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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Recent Amazing Purchases

Like a little frolicking lamb, full of the joys of Spring (said lamb is eating a hot cross bun whilst carrying daffodils and giving the finger to Winter), I recently skipped around Avoca and made some unnecessary but amazing purchases, mostly because I hadn't been out much lately. No, really, I haven't. Howard Hughes had nothing on me.
Firstly, my long suffering husband-to-be (from now on, forever to be known as HTB, I somehow don't think he'd appreciate me calling him by my pet name for him on the auld blog) and I made pigs of ourselves in the shop's cafe while I absetmindedly made conversation with himself but was secretly thinking of all the lovely shiny things that awaited me downstairs. After a big feed of Asian style salmon and delicious salads, we then said we’d share a dessert..except this is what actually happened:

Twelve million calories later and we somehow struggled to carry our bulging stomachs back downstairs where I picked up this fabulous mug. 

I love mugs, they're my one true vice, along with buying pretty things I don't need, cake (see above), entertaining but instantly forgettable tv programs (Don't Tell the Bride, Come Dine with me etc), novelty slippers and champagne cocktails. Hmm. That's actually a fair few vices. 
Anyway, it's the perfect depth for a cup of tea- I find my Cath Kidston ones are too deep and the tea goes cold quickly (serious first world problem, wha'?). It also has LOVE written on it in a rather cool Sgt. Pepper's esque font and I do love to love etc so this is very me. 

I was then drawn, as if by a powerful and unstoppable force to the Butter London nail polish stand, where I picked up this beautiful red/pink number. 

Granted, it was primarily the name that swayed me here..its called "Macbeth". Amazing. HTB was however horrified when I then also attempted to put a second (delightfully glittery) polish in the basket... "Ah, no love, you know glitter polishes never turn out well on you" he said, not sounding in any way homosexual. Sad thing is he's absolutely correct. Thanks babe! 
Lastly, I bought this rather beautiful floral decorated bottle which potentially shall be used for water on my bedside locker. 

My sister recently told me that the Chinese have a theory* that if you leave water uncovered by your bedside then all your bad thoughts are absorbed by it as you sleep. Like a damn fool, I've been waking up and drinking up all my bad thoughts!! So yeah, this yoke has a lid on it which will hopefully sort out that problem...but then where will all my bad thoughts go??!! Gah!!
Either that or I'll just you know, use the bottle for picnics and the like, like regular folk.

*Just to point out that I've made no attempts at all to verify this "theory" so if it's wrong don't blame me for whatever elaborate attempts you go to in the privacy of your own homes to prevent the "bad-thoughts-water-drinking".

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