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Friday 13 April 2012

Muppet Love

This post is at least 5 months too old but nevertheless, I feel compelled to write about the Muppets (2011) movie.

Given my love for these little guys when I was a chillun' (thank God for Muppet show re-runs on in the 80's), I'm surprised it took me so long to get to watching this.
HTB and I settled down to watch this, thinking it might be mildly distracting, instead we were insanely captivated within the first 5 minutes!! So for anyone who hasn't seen it, the Muppets is about Walter, a huge Muppets fan (he himself is also a muppet) and his brother Gary, played by Jason Segel (who is in fact a man, not a muppet...if you watch it there's an amazing song that deals with the whole man/muppet issue..a song which I can't stop inwardly humming)

and Gary's girlfriend Mary, played by Amy Adams, who all set out to help Kermit save the Muppet Theatre from destruction. Along the way theres lots of singing, dancing, amazing cameo appearances (sheldon cooper!!) and of course, all the original Muppets..including this little lady, seen here, rocking some fancy jewels and some Chanel (my personal favourite muppet..I think its the way she says "Kermie"):

As well as being amazing, the film has unfortunately reminded me that I didn't buy the Muppets collection for OPI  when it was out and is now sold out. Sniff. Here it is in all its sparkly, muppety, nail-polishy glory:


  1. I share your feelings on the regret. I wish I had bought Designer de Better and now it's too late...>_<

  2. That was actually one of my favourite colours in the range too :-(