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Thursday 5 April 2012

My Little China Girl

Clapping and making a noise akin to a small seal who's just found out she's won "the lovely seals" competition was my reaction when I first laid eyes on these little beauties. Well, obviously I saw them online first and then purchased but the seal clapping sounds came when said dresses arrived today.
Oh, Oasis. You've ruined me. Although in fairness I now have some lovely options to wear for wedding season so all is well. Both dresses look like vintage china..too pretty for words. Hence the seal clapping.
This one may be too casual for a wedding but will be lovely for dinner or (perhaps I'm being to hopeful here) croquet and Pimms on the lawn?! One must first get a lawn and then a croquet set but I'm pretty sure I've half a bottle of Pimms left over from my 25th birthday party in the back of the press, so at least thats sorted. Phew. Anyway, the first dress, front and back:

Its hard to tell from the photos but it flares out ever so slightly in a nice 50's way and theres a wicked vintage pattern on it. I'm especially loving the neon belt with it also. For a less formal look, I'm thinking those nude A-wear flats from earliers post would be perfect. Yay!
Dress the second has some serious Betty Draper action going on. I may be slightly in love..with Don Draper, yes but with the dress also. Ahem. Maybe best not to read this post HTB. Anyway, dress:
It has a small layer of net on the inside to kick it out a bit but I think I'll add a tulle skirt to get some proper 50's out of it and then pair it with studded electric blue, pointy toe heels-just to mix things up a bit. Lets just hope no one confuses me with a china plate and tries to eat cake off of me...wait a minute, that almost sounds like a ingenious plan!

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