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Monday 23 April 2012

Recent delicious things

Here is a selection of yummy things I've been eating and drinking and (surreptitiously) taking photos of (so as not to look like a mentalist in restaurants and the like). Enjoy!:

From the top: a romantic Cappuccino, French Raspberry and Custard tart, Apple Mojito, Raspberry and White chocolate Cheesecake, Blueberry Mojito, Passion and Mango Margarita and a Red Baron (Gin, pureed raspberry and lime over Champagne), Banoffee with homemade banana ice cream, Irish, Baileys and Calypso coffees, Vodka soaked Strawberries with Meringue and cream...And now for the obligatory drooling..


  1. Oh I'm getting there..slowly but surely, with the help of more of that white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake hopefully :-)

  2. hmm delish.... wanna one of the desserts now! :) really lovely blog! x Marina

  3. all of this look delish!


  4. Thanks Marina! Yeah Caroline, it all tasted fairly amazing alright! :-) xx

  5. This post makes me wanna go and make a cappuccino. Even if it's 11 pm and if I do so there's no chance of sleeping. And also I neeeed cheesecake and meringues.
    That's all.
    Loved this post :D

    1. You DO need cheesecake and meringues! They are necessities! I know, Im a bit of a cappuccino fiend too but I can never make it as good as the cafes! That one was from this little italian cafe near where we live, so yummy and crazy strong! Yay! Caffeine buzz! x