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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Make Up-Part 1

So I’ve been in hospital a fair bit lately (I may next do a post on hospital food, which will be both informative and vomit inducing..something to look forward to, I’m sure you’ll agree), which, lets face it, is no barrel of laughs- I briefly escaped at one stage (Steve McQueen stylee) and rocked up to my beloved home that I share with my HTB to find two happy little parcels awaiting me, the first from the second from 
Just a quick note to say that I find the service from both of these companies to be excellent, feel unique was introduced to me by my friend Sarah who advised me that they had amazing products at sterling prices with free delivery..sold!!

If I’m honest, I’ve been buying myself quite a few little treats lately as “I deserve it” (kind of like the L’oreal ads but with less swishy hair) but really its just an excuse to buy pretty, shiny, expensive things that I ordinarily would resist due to said expense. Just to say also, that as I am not a professional make up artist I shan't be showing you lots of pictures of me after attempting (its underlined for a reason people) to apply any of these products and also, I'm using the sterling prices as they were when I purchased them.
Anyway, enough of that, now for the make up porn:
First up from my feel unique haul:

Cha Cha Tint from Benefit.
So far I’m loving the tint, 24.50 sterling for 12.5ml. The brand describe it thusly:

“This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips and cheeks with a tropical sunset hue. Smooch proof and smudge –proof, this sheer stain will have you looking deliciously sun kissed for hours”                                                               (

I think the colour is quite flattering even for my pasty Irish cheeks and I like what it does for my lips-it adds a really subtle but pretty coral flush which I haven’t found in any other lip product. It also has a nice consistency-not too heavy, not too light. Like the goldilocks of cheek tints. Me Likee. Having said that, when using it on the cheeks one must disperse it quickly as otherwise one runs the risk of looking like a leper of some sort (it leaves a stain if not rubbed in quickly enough, granted that’s not really leper standards but a bit of drama never hurt anyone), this does mean though that it lasts on cheeks well.

I also got Hervana cheek blush from Benefit which..well, just looks really pretty. But how does it perform I hear you ask? (I don’t actually hear you ask, that’d be weird..or possibly cool if I could use it to my advantage like Professor Xavier…) Well, it’s a nice pink blush. I have found that most benefit powder blushers tend not to last that long on the skin (they last bloody ages in the box, I’ve got powders from them before that have lasted a good year) so I don’t know if this is really worth the price-23.50 sterling for 8g of product.
The brand's description:

Swirl on this orchard-blossom blush for a heavenly flush of enlightenment! These four shades,-lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight-blend together perfectly to lift your look to cloud 9”                                                                                                           (

Righto. Personally I havent noticed how the other colours have made an impact, other than a slight sheen, which I’m assuming is from the white swirly part. I do think this looks lovely over the Cha Cha Tint and it smells like sweets, so you know..bonus. And it is delightful to look at so it fits nicely into my “pretty” and “expensive” categories anyway.

Next in my little box o' goodies is Colour Quench lip balm in peach nectar and Instant Light Blush in vitamin pink, both from Clarins. 
The brand describe the balm as:

This luscious balm offers subtle colour and shine, while the moisturising skin care benefits treat your lips. Deeply soothing for lasting comfort and a hint of colour. Great to wear alone or over any lip colour”                                                                                                                 (

I would describe this as more of a gloss then a balm, it’s a little bit shiny for my liking and doesn’t have huge staying power. It’s a bit lack lustre in the old colour department but I find it's actually lovely over the Cha Cha Tint. It also smells like sweets and the packaging is pretty..all bonuses. Theres 15mls of product in it for 13.50 sterling. Daycent.

Instant Light blush I LOVE. The brand describe it as:

“A handy little liquid blush for an instant, natural-looking healthy glow. This cocktail of plant and mineral ingredients sculpts and smoothes the cheeks for a radiance-boosting colour result. The final touch for flawless make-up, its satin finish illuminate the cheeks and revives their radiance.” (

 Phew. It’s a beautiful shade, giving a natural but pretty flush (when I say natural flush I don’t mean that it makes you look mortified, just not hit by Homers make up gun). I haven’t tried the other colours the brand have released but I would gladly give it a go, this is a nice product- it glides on and has good staying power. Happy.Out. Because I got two Clarins products, I was also sent a set of three Clarins products for free (Thanks Feel Unique!), I’ll be doing a separate post on Clarins face products so I won’t go into that now.

Although it's not make up I also got Joico K-Pak reconstruct deep penetrating reconstructor for damaged hair. Jaysus, that’s a mouthful. Costing £14.95 for 150mls. I’m not giving the brand’s description cause I think the name of the product explains it fairly aptly. Also, I'm not putting up a picture cause its a plain brown bottle and I'm sure no one want's to see that.
Anyway this product is badly needed by me. My hair looks like Tom Hanks’ after he’d been on the island long enough to go mental and start talking to that volleyball in Castaway. I like this, I’ve used Joico products before and always found them good. This smells like banana and looks a little bit like..well, mashed banana, which is ok..if you like mashed banana in your hair. 
Having said that, I used this the other day (left it in 5 mins as advised and combed it through before washing out) and my hair looked great afterwards- it was soft and shiny and it gave me a brief glimpse into what Jennifer Aniston's life must be like (the hair part..none of my exes look like Brad Pitt). So basically, thumbs up.

Lastly from Feel Unique I got Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h in intense black, complete with a nifty little brush, costing £8.00. The brand state that this is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours.
Intriguing. Personally, I have no need for 24 hr eyeliner so I won’t be testing out this claim.
Aesthetically speaking, I love the little glass pot. I’m a gel eye liner virgin (I know, and I can’t drive either. I feel like Cher from Clueless), choosing either liquid eye liner or an eye liner pen up til now. Have to say, I really like this but fear it may harden quickly as that apparently is the nature of the beast. It has given me lots of lovely 50's style flicks though and has been very easy to use so all around, so so far, a good purchase.

Well, its been a long old struggle, but we got through them all. 
New Make up Parts 2, 3 etc etc will no doubt be on their way soon. 
And Breath..


  1. I just bought that pot eyeliner yesterday! Love it!

  2. Yeah, its pretty great alright! Pity Ireland only got the black one, apparently there are other shades available in the US. Boo.