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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Recent Acquisitions

It's a horrid start to the Summer out there so I felt some cheer in the form of photos of shiny new things was in order. A recent trip to the Cath Kidston outlet store resulted in some delightful new purchases, including these mugs:

You can never have enough mugs I always say, although the bulging mug press and HTB's unimpressed face when I took said mugs out of the bag said fairness, he doesn't drink tea or coffee so he doesn't get the whole mug thing. Personally, I think there's nothing more comforting than a nice hot mug of tea. Hence these little babies. Plus they nicely match the other Cath Kidston mugs I have, which is handy for when I'm entertaining (for "entertaining" see: pretending to be a housewife from the 1970's).
Before I could be pried out of the store I also bought these amazing retro cake tins:

You'd imagine that one would never have enough use for THREE cake tins would be wrong (apologies for the terrible photo, I just realised how lopsided it was not in fact taken on the titanic, although you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise). I also got these lovely bed sheets, cause, you know, we're running dangerously low on Cath Kidston bed linen. Ahem.

While on a discounted shopping roll, I popped into the Ted Baker outlet store and picked up this make up bag set:

I'm currently already using a Ted Baker make up bag but I like to change them regularly as I think they can get a bit grimy and unsanitary from make up and constant use. I love the print on these bags and tragically, I have a dress in this print too..just in case I ever want to somehow..reverse camouflage myself???
My self gifting ended here but I do rather luckily have a very generous family who see things and think of me. More importantly, they then buy those things and give them to me! Legends. On that note, I received these beautiful tomato red pumps from my extremely generous sister who got them in monsoon:

Aren't they pretty? Such a gorgeous summery shade and great detail on the front, they'll go perfectly with a nice floral dress. Hurrah!
Lastly, my brilliant mother bought me these as an early wedding present:

The perfect tools for when I'm once again, pretending to be a lady and serving afternoon tea- a Newbridge cake stand, cake slice and matching cake forks.

God I love me some afternoon tea.

I have yet to assemble the rather lovely cake stand but am very excited to do so! Just look at the pattern-so pretty! My inner ICWA lady is just itching to get out!!


  1. How cute are those cake tins? And all the little accessories?! You can invite me over for afternoon tea anytime! xo

  2. Wow, looking forward to my invite too!! ;)
    When are you getting married?

  3. Ladies, you would both be more than welcome! :-)


  4. Your going to be the end of me, thank you so much for your comment. I never thought to visit their outlet store!! THANK YOU :D

    1. You're more than welcome hun, you'll LOVE it!!! It's like heaven in there! Ha ha ha! Thank you for the comment and the twitter shout out, made my day!xx

  5. You're getting married?! Congrats Hun :) xxx

    1. Thanks lovely, I am indeed..2nd of August, fast approaching now!! Can't wait! I'll have to put up a post of the dress, make up, hair etc. If I ever get the dress..supposed to have it in the shop by mid July so ye'll all have to keep the fingers crossed that it actually arrives!! Eeep!