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Monday, 14 May 2012

Sparkle motion

I'm on both a pastel and sparkle nail polish fixation at the moment so this was basically the spawn of those two loves..except less creepy than how that sounds.
I used the following:

A base coat of 17 Strengthening base coat followed by two coats of the polish on the left- Max Factor "Max Effect Mini Nail Polish" in "Cool Jade". This is a nice pastel shade in the bottle but ends up a little bit darker on the nail. It streaked a little bit in places but overall only needed a second coat just to finish it.

I added an accent nail on my ring fingers in OPI "Save Me" from the Nicky Minaj collection. This polish is a clear base with small pieces of silver glitter and bars of glitter in blue/green/gold shades, so it sits nicely over the green.

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