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Thursday 10 May 2012

DIOR | Secret Garden - Versailles ad

I saw this ad about a week ago and had to share it, I love it so. Firstly, it's Dior, so that's one good reason to like it. Secondly, I love Depeche Mode, so pretty happy with the choice of music and lastly, it's shot in Versailles..drool. I went there with HTB a couple of years ago and we were just blown away, it's so beautiful. I have a thing for Marie Antoinette after reading Antonia Fraser's book about her (she was misunderstood..ok?!) plus I feel like we would've had a lot in common, namely; bling, cake, fancy bedspreads and shoes. So it was like heaven wandering around her former home. Here's me, settling in in the great hall of mirrors, as featured in the ad:

It's a given that the palace is beautiful but the grounds are equally stunning, also well highlighted in the ad. We had a lovely stroll around in the sun, eating ice creams before taking a boat out onto the lake (we didn't just take it, we paid for it's use first, obviously). Good times.