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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Adrenalin Rush

Oh how I love me some glitter. In fact, I think this may accurately describe why I love the sparkle so much:

Granted, this would probably be quite an unfortunate medical condition but I doubt it'd be rare. I'm not alone in my glitter love, is what I'm saying, if the depleted stocks of my new (almost) favourite nail polish, Adrenalin, by Topshop is anything to go by. This was sold out online but thankfully there were a couple left on the shelves in-store and I helped myself to one, using my now well out of date student card (don't tell Topshop) to get 10% off. So I think this was around 8 euro. About average for a polish but I know a lot of people have an issue with Topshop's version of the exchange in, we're being horribly ripped off when you look at Sterling prices. Personally, it isn't a huge problem for me. It's annoying, yes but I fail to see how it's going to change any time soon and God knows I need a bit of Topshop in my life.
On that note, here is said polish:

And behold...with flash! It looks like this in bright lights, or you know, the sun, so an ideal polish for the current weather or for those who enjoy an auld rave.
It's a very light pink/ clear base with small pieces of pink/lilac glitter and slightly larger, circular hologramy (I'm aware it's not a word but it's not easy to describe, dammit!) glitter which change colour in the light. I love this. I kept looking down at my nails all the time when I was wearing it and almost hypnotised one of the local Spar merchants on one of the more sunnier days recently when I reached for my change.
It does have one major downside though- it comes off in one whole piece, unbidded by myself. I used base and topcoat, before you ask, and still, I kept looking down to find another entire nail of polish had come off and was now God knows where. Obviously, not a good idea if you're planning on preparing or serving food, or don't like looking mental when you go out to find you've only the odd nail of polish left here and there. So not a huge success. I may instead try out one of the Model's Own glitters available on ASOS or the Ciate polish "Jewel", which looks amazing here on the lovely blog of hazyindublin. Got to get my glitter fix!!


  1. That's such a gorgeous glitter! Reminds me of Rimmel's Disco Ball, but you can never have too many glitters so think I might pick it up!

    1. Ooh, I haven't heard of the Rimmel one, sounds like it'd be a cheaper version than getting the Model's Own or the Ciate ones as well! Thanks for the tip!xx