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Monday 14 May 2012

Recent Delicious Things

            Warm Mississippi Mud Pie with cream and caramel sauce from our favourite restaurant.

                           Chocolate Ganache cake, as provided by my lovely Mother-in-law-to-be.

                    Raspberry and almond and double chocolate muffins from the best bakery ever.

                                                Cold Champagne in our lovely new glasses.

 Marzipan fruits! Present from HTB. I used to think these were amazing when I was small..I was right!

                                       Baked Alaska with a rather lovely message attached!

                                   Welcome Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

         Lemon drizzle puddings, as made by my sister..potentially the greatest dessert of all time..

A cake stand of fruit and cream topped meringues, macaroons and little chocolates.

                  Custard filled tarts, topped with raspberries, strawberries and apple mint.

                                                                Mini Banoffee Tarts.

                                                   Fresh cream and jam sponge cake.

                                                           Coffee and Walnut Cake.

                                                              Lots more Champagne!!

(I ate lots of everything and yes, it was all amazing!!)


  1. Reading this post is not helping my diet :((

    1. I may have put on a few pounds myself, but it was worth it! :-)