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Thursday 4 July 2013

No.7 Beautiful Skin Eye MakeUp Remover

Up until recently I've been using little sample bottles of Clarins and L'ancome (my favourite) eye make-up removers but when they ran out I said I'd look for a cheaper alternative. As I had a Boots No.7 voucher to use up I decided to give this one a go, so it cost me only 4.50 for 100mls which was quite the bargain.

This is one of those half oil/half other watery liquid of some sort that you have to shake really thoroughly before use. Annoyingly with this though, even when you shake it like a maniac, you still end up with more oil than water on your cotton pad and equally as annoying is that there isn't a proper cover on it to let you use as much or as little as you want- so it just pours a load out. Grr. 
Having said that, it is fragrance free and suitable for sensitive eyes, so you could do worse. When I first started using it I did find it stung slightly, but no more so than the Clarins (which I was not a big fan of) and after using it for a while, it no longer bothers me at all and causes no irritation. Most importantly, it does a good job of removing general eye make-up with no panda-eye after effects- except when it comes to certain mascaras (I have to go over my new YSL Babydoll with this a couple of times, annoyingly).
All in all this isn't a bad option but when this is finished, I'll be getting a full size of the L'ancome one instead.


  1. I was looking at this is Boots the other day, great review but I don't think I'll be going back to buy it xx

  2. Yeah I'd avoid it to be honest. You know the way sometimes you're just better off spending that bit extra and getting a really good product instead of going for the cheapest one there?! *must remember that myself* :) xx