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Wednesday 25 April 2012

They don't make them like they used to

Nothing like a bit of glamour of a wet Wednesday in Dublin, that glamour coming courtesy of the one and only Elizabeth Taylor:

I happened upon a documentary about her love affair with diamonds on Channel 4 On Demand the other night (, which aside from giving me a hankering for a tiara (you know, just to wear whilst loading the dishwasher etc) also gave me an insight into the life of a true movie star.

Hence the title of the post, they really don't make them like they used to. When I was looking up photos online for this, pictures of Lindsay Lohan (it's been confirmed that she's going to star as Liz in an upcoming film..seriously, how did that even come about?! Lindsay Lohan?!) and Kim Kardashian (apparently she bought some of her jewelry) kept popping up, despite the fact that neither are fit to be on the same Google search page as Taylor, in my opinion.
I've always liked Elizabeth Taylor, as she gave me my personal motto for life:

It's appropriate for pretty much every situation, although the "pour yourself a drink" part sometimes proves a bit awkward alright. Thank god for hip flasks, wha'?
The documentary pointed out how sharp tongued she was with journalists, whereby she just wouldn't put up with any stupid questions:
A journalist asked her if she felt she'd matured since a statement she made when she was 15, to which she replied: "Well I'd hope so, otherwise I'd be quite retarded, wouldn't I?". Brilliant.
I also found this little gem which I think will be particularly useful for married life:

Now in fairness, Elizabeth was far from an ordinary housewife, given her superstar status, her acting abilities (she was big into the Shakespearean stuff and was also the highest paid actress of the time for her role of Cleopatra), her many different husbands and ALL the jewels. Still though, great new motto! Elizabeth apparently had a "lifetime obsession with getting presents", something I can also relate to, eh HTB?! Given this obsession, it's no wonder that she associated pieces of jewelry with the person who gave it to her, a particular period of her life or a film she made, these babies being some of her favourites:

Gorgeous. Sadly, Elizabeth died last March, after which a sale of her jewelry was held, fetching over 135 million, making it the "most valuable jewelry sale in auction history". 
Go Liz!

What a legend.


  1. she was very pretty. it is interesting to see that Kim and Lindsay are being compared to such a legend ha. that heart necklace is to die for!

  2. I know, my thoughts exactly. Like KK is famous because of an "adult" tape and Lindsay is only famous these days for alcohol abuse and the terrifying work she's had done to her lips...not really at the same level as the lovely Liz.
    Yeah, the gold heart is my favourite too!! Although the pearl was apparently worn by 3 generations of Spanish Queens so that's not to be sniffed at either! :-)