Monday, 16 April 2012

Cupcake nail wraps

While watching Japanese thriller "Battle Royale" (a dystopian science fiction film, fairly similar to the Hunger Games, except that it came out 8 years before Suzanne Collins's novels...hmm, suspicious), I felt the need for some anime/manga-esque nails. Hence these little babies:

I decided 10 of these might be a bit much so I just used one on my ring finger, painting the rest of my nails with Revlon's Charmer. I love this polish, it's really easy to apply, is opaque in 2 coats and dries really quickly. Plus I love the colour. Pastel heaven:

The nail wraps themselves are easy to apply (they're basically just stickers) but are hard to get completely smooth although the pack does come with a handy cuticle stick and a nail file which helps, so I think I would get these again (available on the asos website) but I may try the other varieties, such as the happy smiling fruit. I do love cupcakes though..look at him there, such a cute little guy. I've decided to call him Jim. Jim, the cupcake.
These supposedly last 10 days, but I may get sick of poor Jim before then and have to remove him.


  1. I know, so cute! Its hard to look like a grown up with this on your nail though..