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Friday 6 April 2012

Clarins stuff

Recently I've been getting into Clarins products a lot. I've always liked Flash balm, pictured below (second in from the top right) as it has many a time helped me partially rid myself of a hungover complexion. I stopped using it for a while but returned to it recently and am again, really liking it. I think it provides a good base for make up and helps to brighten tired skin.
I am however new to all the other below products. My friend Sarah kindly bought me this beautiful handcream- Hand and Nail Treatment Cream on the left as a present and I'm almost at the end of the bottle. HTB and I use it before going to sleep as we both have dry hands (makes us sound like an old married couple already..and yes, I also usually have a cup of tea and a book open at this time too) and it really is a great handcream-instantly moisturising and comforting and it smells lovely too. Will be repurchasing!
The eyecream (top right)- Eye Revive Beauty Flash, was given to me by my sister to try out, so far I like it but haven't been using it for long enough to judge how effective it is. I find eyecreams tricky in general. I've tried a few and never notice a huge difference, this one is supposed to depuff and minimise dark circles but I think that it might be asking too much of any eyecream to tackle the horrors of my permanent under eye bags..

The orange tube at the top is Daily Energizing Cleansing Gel. I like this. It smells beautiful, goes onto the skin as a gel but with hot water, turns soapy and cleans well. My skin usually feels a little tight after it but I have dry skin so I put it down to that. I'm also almost finished this and may well repurchase, its a nice daily cleanser-I don't use it for removing make up because I prefer to use something gentle that can be used on and near my eyes but it still works well as a "wake me-up" in the morning time.
Beside the gel cleanser is Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. I had read really good reviews of this online on other blogs so went ahead and bought it..alas, it did little for my dried out Winter skin. I used it as directed every night for a couple of months but felt no improvement so I've stopped using it, which is a shame as I was really expecting it to be a skin saviour. Boo.
The three on the bottom I received as a gift when purchasing Clarins blusher and lip balm on (,  a really good offer I have to say. I've been using the cleanser daily to remove make up and find it really effective and quite gentle. The yellow bottle beside it is toner, which I haven't even tried because toner completely dries out my skin (I know, poor form blogging about something you haven't actually tried yet) but I don't want to chance it! Next to that in the blue is eye make up remover, which I trialed when removing false eyelash glue and it worked really well and was also quite gentle. Hurrah!
The best product by far though (and therefore deserving of its own picture) is this, Instant Smooth Self Tanning:

I love this. This is the same formula as their Instant-Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer (which I haven't tried) except this has added tan. I use it as a primer under my make up (make up goes on easily over it) and on my neck and it just provides a nice healthy glow- not like tan but just a gentle colour to prevent that pallor of death, or as my sister says "something to take the edge off the whiteness" (I'm very pale). Only downside is it does have that fake tan smell but not so much so that people will move away from you in disgust on buses and trains etc. I think its just me being paranoid. But yeah, great product and I would highly recommend it.


  1. definitely gonna try this!great review xx

  2. Thanks Orla! If you mean the Instant Smooth Self tanning, I would def recommend! It looks lovely and natural under make up.x