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Monday 9 April 2012

Origins stuffs

I like Origins. On a trip to Chicago last year I picked up a few bits, two of which I used and finished...completely. Unusual for me. One of the items I finished was a moisturizer called "Make A Difference", an "ultra-rich rejuvenating cream for dry skin types". I was in a major hurry a couple of months ago and popped into HoF quickly to pick up a new one before the cinema started but somehow got talked into buying "A Perfect World SPF 25", an "Age defense moisturiser with White tea" instead:

A moisturizer completely different to what I asked for-basically I wanted a slightly thicker version of "Make A Difference" for the cold winter months, that I could use am and pm. What I got was a thin in consistency moisturizer for older skin that should only be used in the am and smells like oranges (Not that I had specifically asked for one that didn't smell like oranges, because that would be an odd request but I just added that in there to aid the description). So basically, I stopped using this after about a week and a half cause my skin was starting to feel like the Turin Shroud (and by that I mean old and dry, rather than religious and potentially fraudulent). Not good, but that's not to say it's a bad moisturizer, it's just not well suited to my skin type.
Moving on, the second product I used and re-bought was "Super Spot Remover", a blemish treatment gel.

I bought this with the intention of using it for "the odd blemish" but my skin and hormones had other ideas. It's not bad but I'm sure an auld tube of Witch Hazel gel would work just as well.
Lastly, I bought this in Chicago and have failed to use it up, given how little is needed per use. Its called  "Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask" with the jargon on the bottle suggesting it "clears pores, acts like a magnet to draw out deep dwelling pore cloggers, with White China clay to absorb environmental toxins and lecithin to dissolve impurities":

It's supposed to be used once a week or as often as needed, by opening the pores with a warm, moist towel and layering on the mask, allowing to dry and rinsing well. While my skin does feel very clean after use it also feels tight and a bit dry so I would think this would be better for oily skin types, although the Origins website says its best for all skin types, so what do I know?

I also have and LOVE (capitals to emphasize how great said love is) "Ginger Souffle Whipped body cream", which is easily my most favourite body moisturizer of all time. I cant show you a picture though, as I have lost this-I fear it could be in the black hole that is the darkness under my bed..a place I fear to explore. So it may have to stay there forever. But it is great- smells so good you could eat it (I haven't, I swear), a lovely formula that's easy to use and my skin is SO soft after use. Brilliant.


  1. I'm lusting after so many Origins products right now, I've heard good things about the super spot remover and I've heard things about vitazing too!

  2. I've actually used their Ginzeng eye cream too..I totally forgot about that! I think the super spot remover stops the spot from getting any worse so its definitely worth a try! I've been after their Drink Up overnight mask for a while and oh my God, I just looked up Vitazing, now I want that too!! :-)

  3. I havent tried many Origins products, need to try some more xxx

  4. I really like the blemish gel but used it up so quickly - my skin is really playing up - that I don't think I'll repurchase...

  5. I didnt know these products, they seem very good!:)

  6. Hi Ladies!
    Yeah Jennifer, I really like Origins stuff, their moisturisers are really good (when you get one suited to your skin obviously!), theres loads more of their stuff I want to try!
    @fluff and fripperies- really? I found my gel lasted a good while and my skin has been playing up a lot too. If I could find something similar but that does a better job I'd def try it- I tried Benefit's Boo Boo Zap before and it did literally nothing.
    @Lilli, you should def try out the Ginger Souffle body moisturiser, it is amazing!! Has a very strong smell though so you'd need to try it out in the shop before buying I think.