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Monday 28 July 2014

An Ode To My Babyliss Big Hair Styler

When we went away recently on holidays, I once again showed my stalwart packing skills by forgetting to bring ANY hair styling tools whatsoever with me. 
As in, I remembered shampoo and conditioner and my tangle teezer but somehow forgot an actual brush, my John Frieda Hair oil elixir (review HERE), a hairdryer, anything that could possibly add volume to my naturally thin hair and most importantly, my Babyliss Big Hair (yeah, I know, I'm clearly the worlds greatest beauty blogger). 

Now, I got this fella well over a year ago, used it a couple of times and was all "whatever, don't see what all the fuss is about", stopped using it but then about six months ago I picked it up again and said I'd actually make an effort to use it properly. 
Big Hair is basically a spinning brush with different heat settings and an "airstyler"; like a hairdryer it's drying your hair but because of the rotating brush that sucks up your hair with it (don't be alarmed, it's supposed to do that), it's also styling it. Clever. 
I section off my wet hair while also using a volumising product (at the moment I'm trying out one from Bumble & Bumble, which I'll have a review on soon) and then use my Babyliss BH to dry off each section. It actually really does make a big difference to my hair; leaving it smoother, shinier and definitely with more volume going on. It often looks as good as a professional wash and blow dry when I really take my time so I'm saving myself time, money and hassle since I started using it. 
I'm pretty sure I got mine on sale when I bought it but I've just looked up the site and the "new" version (not sure what the difference is to be honest) is €59.99 (HERE). 
Aargh, I know, 'tis pricey but it has proved it's worth to me since I left it at home that time. Seriously; every time I washed my hair while we were away I cursed my forgetfulness. I had crazy bits of whispy hair flying about the place that normally would've been tame and in general I looked like I had the hair of an aesthetically challenged dog, like this fella but obviously less cute:

So yeah, the moral of the story is, number 1) don't be the worst packer in the world and number 2) I love my Babyliss Big Hair.

Have you tried it? If so, what did you think? I know there's both a lot of love and hate for this fella out there so I'd be interested to see what y'all think. 
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  1. Firstly I always do things like this when packing, I think I need two sets of everything so I always have my travel kit ready!! But back to the Big Hair which I LOVE! For how smooth it makes my hair it's worth the money alone but my hair is fine like yours and it's the only thing I've ever used which makes my hair look slightly how it does when I have a blowdry!!

    1. I try and write lists but somehow I STILL end up forgetting loads of stuff! Gah! That's the thing, I can't get it to look the same way with a normal big barrel brush, it has to be this guy! Perfect for us fine haired ladies!

  2. This is hands down my favourite hair tool! I am pretty lazy when it comes to styling my hair and there's loads of it! This makes it soooo easy! :)

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

    1. It really does, I actually feel somewhat capable of doing a good job on my own hair when I use it!! So you can imagine my horror when I realised I'd forgotten it!

  3. I have to plan pack the week before with a list in case i forget anything! I'm dying to try this one. It's been on my wish list for ages xx

    1. I always try and write a list too Avril but somehow I'm still useless at packing, I'm ridiculous! Yeah, I'm always wary of recommending anything this pricey but it really does work for me! xx