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Sunday 29 September 2013

I Heart The 1940's

#SBBC day 29 is to describe "an era you would have lived in and why- what attracts you to that time" and for me, that's the 40's. I've always been really interested in WW2- the war itself, the lives of those left at home, particularly women, who stepped up and took over the traditional "men's roles", such as factory work and farming. On a personal level of course, I love all the nursing propaganda from the time such as these:

I actually have that one on the left on my wall.
Because I love all of that stuff, I'm aware that it was a decade of hard work and general misery, so I'm in no way suggesting that the following are indicative of the time but I do love the associated glamour and style of the 40's. Red lips, victory rolls in hair, women drawing black lines on their calves in lieu of actual tights, tea dresses, capped sleeves, tailored skirts, jaunty hats and solid leather loafers. Glorious.

It's a look I love and seems to be one of those styles that doesn't go out of fashion- it screams Hollywood movie star and with good reason as proved by these ladies:

They sure don't make 'em like they used to but here are some modern takes on the look:

Scarlett Johansson gets her own section cause she rocks the look rather a lot.

Cest Ca. What's your favourite era and why?


  1. Lovely post - that floor length, cap sleeved gown is perfection! Personally I am all about the 20s, even though the clothes don't suit me at all, but I just love the spirit and glamour of the age.