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Thursday 26 September 2013

A Very Happy Memory..

Today's #SBBC post is "a happy memory and what reminds you of it" and I instantly thought of my wedding day and my little Lego people cake toppers. We're both big kids at heart and loved Lego when we were small so it made sense to pick these guys but aside from that, the fact that the groom looks so ridiculously like my husband made it all the more appropriate. I added a birdcage veil and a little red cross onto the bride to make it a bit more me and happily they sat on top of our delicious four-tiered cake (lemon drizzle, chocolate ganache, carrot cake and chocolate biscuit, in case you were wondering). 

Now our little mini me's live on our mantelpiece, along with their altar and Lego flowers and every time I go into our sitting room, I see them and am reminded of my wonderful wedding day. They are possibly my favourite thing that we own actually, not only because of the memories they evoke but because they are very "us", something I would also say about our wedding day- it was perfect for us as a couple and I think these represent that more than any other mementos of the day that we have.


  1. AHH that's so cute and funny because we love lego too and my other half did a lego related proposal and we have a little set like this on our mantelpiece too!!!

  2. Such a cute story, and definitely the coolest cake toppers I've ever seen! xx

  3. Awww. This is super cute and I love that you personalised them!

  4. The cake topper is awesome and so so cute! It's lovely that you have it on your mantlepiece so you can see it all the time. xx

    1. Thank you! I know, it's in the perfect place I think! xx