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Sunday 15 September 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At

Oh the life of a beauty blogger...constantly trialing new products, indulging in a love for all things beauty related, never being without at least six (it's the designated number) lip products rolling around in the bottom of a handbag. You could be forgiven then for thinking that we all have make-up application sorted but you would indeed be very wrong. 
Here are my own personal beauty fails:

1) Applying false lashes. 
I love the effect of false lashes, I just hate the hassle of putting them on..particularly one of them. It doesn't matter which eye it is but ONE of them always goes awry. It's as if my eyes are like "ooh, look at you, got one right, did ya? Best of luck with the other one, then (evil laugh)". 
Generally I end up standing at a mirror trying desperately to get that one on, looking all crazed and frustrated whilst covering myself in glue. Not a great look, really.

2) Perfecting the winged liquid liner.
I love liquid and gel eyeliner. My personal favourite style is a slick of black liner, a load of mascara and beautiful red lips. Unfortunately for me, again, one eye always goes a bit wonky. I'll do one of them perfectly and momentarily I'll be all like "YES! I did it! A career in make up artistry awaits! Oh no, wait a minute..." cause I'll have then just completely ruined the other one. Fun times.

3) Applying lip liner.
Seeing a pattern here yet? As in, anything that involves creating a line or using precision is just outside of my capabilities? Yup, that sounds about right. My main issue with lip liner is more pure laziness if I'm honest. I generally can't be bothered doing it and mostly I just lash lipstick on haphazardly, which means I'm not even practising using lip liner so I'll probably never be good at it. Oh well.

Let me know in the comments what beauty stuff you suck at and please tell me I'm not alone with any of the above! This post is part of the September Beauty blogging challenge, which you can read more about HERE


  1. Ahh ours are nearly identical!! Glad it's not just me!! :)

    1. Definitely not just you and I don't think we're the only ones either ;)

  2. I can relate to all of these! Although, I should probably really not be lazy about my lip liner since I have an issue of lipstick sort of staining on the outer edges of my lips. It's almost like feathering, except I have no fine lines. I like to call it windblown because the effect is faint, but you can definitely tell my lipstick is no longer precise and clean at the edges.

    1. To be honest, I sometimes think that that looks nicer anyway, a bit more natural and less "exact" looking!

  3. False Lashes. FL's. Also known in my house as fecking lepers....

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  5. Lip liner is one thing I still need to get the hang of too, I have so far bought one and I now realise it only suits one outrageously pink colour I have but seldom wear. But if I do.....