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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Top 10 Desert Island Items..

Whenever I see tags like this, I always think "Desert island you say? Well then I'd bring SPF 50, sunglasses, the ingredients for a Pina Colada and a small suit for my soon-to-be monkey butler" but obviously the real topic for today's #SBBC is what make-up items you would bring with you, or if in some horrible twist of misfortune, you lost all your make up and could only repurchase ten things. So, leaving the need for extreme weather protectant products out of it, if I could only buy ten cosmetic products again, they'd be as follows:

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, I gave this a full review HERE. I love this stuff, I wear it every day and it really helps to keep the horrors of dry, flaky lips at bay. I've tried a lot of lip balms in my time and this is undoubtedly my favourite.
Clarins Flash Balm. I go in and out of phases of using this- at the moment I'm back in love with it, using it as a primer for my very dry skin and I find that aside from providing a great base for my foundation, it also makes me look a bit brighter and generally less like yer man from The English Patient, which is always good.
Lancome Teint Idole 24h foundation. I'm only a recent convert to this but I've been using it all Summer and love it. I am very fickle when it comes to foundation though- ask me again in a few months time and I'll probably have moved on to something else. For the time being though, this is what I'd pick, because it's long lasting, non-drying and improves the overall appearance of my skin.
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I've gone on at length about this before HERE and my affection is showing no signs of waning. I'm always searching for the perfect concealer and I'm pretty sure this is the one. It covers my under eye dark circles and blemishes equally as well, doesn't crease and stays put.
Nars Orgasm blush. A peachy/pinky blush with a fine gold shimmer running through it, this is a classic for a reason. I'm a bit of a blush addict but I'll always return to this one because it's just very flattering and pretty on.
Dainty Doll blush in 003. I actually use this one for contour- it's pretty much completely matte and has no orange tones in it so it's the perfect contour shade for pale ladies like myself. I find it looks a lot more natural than other contours I've used but still makes an impact.
YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. I've also gone on at length about this beauty (HERE) and with good reason- this creates a false lash effect without clumping or flaking and it is without doubt the best mascara I've ever used.
Mac eyebrow pencil. I ran out of this during the Summer and because I'd dyed my hair red, the shade of this I was using no longer suited me so I didn't repurchase but it is a great product and when I eventually get around to swatching the other shades, I'll be picking up another.
Mac eye liner in  Powersurge. Ignore the picture there where it's green, I couldn't find a decent image of powersurge to show you but basically it's a murky gold/metallic brown shade in a soft, smudgey finish. It's a dream to apply, making my blues eyes pop. Usually I just quickly smudge it on, put on some mascara and I'm away. Foolproof. I went through a good 5 year phase of wearing this non-stop and recently dug it out again, remembering how much I'd loved it.

And for number 10.....

That's right! Three lipsticks. I know, that technically makes twelve but I couldn't decide and besides they should really all go under the same entry in the list as they are all basically the same product. Just indulge me!

Chanel Boy. This is a really pretty but sophisticated nude/pink shade with a glossy finish. I always feel a bit more presentable when I'm wearing this and it feels lovely on.
YSL Le Rouge pur couture no.02. YSL lipsticks are like catnip to me, I love them so. This is one of my favourites, a rich, smooth red that looks a bit darker on the lips than in the bullet- this is a serious red lip, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Another contender for this spot would be Dior Marilyn, a brighter red and an absolute beauty.
Mac Rebel. I also wrote a review of this HERE. I adore this lipstick. When I first bought it last year I wasn't sure I'd get enough wear out of it but I wear it constantly. It's the perfect berry shade for me because it actually has a good old whack of pink in it so it's incredibly flattering on. I recently was completely knackered the day after a wedding and threw this face instantly looked brighter and more awake. Ah, the powers of a good lippie.

What about you? Anything on here that would make your top ten?


  1. It would be worth being stranded on a desert island if I could bring all those gorgeous products.

  2. Whatever island you are on, I’m joining you!! Definitely be bringing the Nuxe lip balm.

  3. Love your picks!!! I am absolutely obsessed with MAC's Rebel!

    1. I'm right there with you! It's a strong contender for my favourite lipstick ever at the moment!

  4. What absolutely fabulous picks! I would definitely be sailing over to your island to borrow some bits. I still haven't swatched my little nars sample you gave me because I don't want to ruin it. Too pretty! Love the lippie shades!

    1. Thank you, love those lipsticks far too much. You're gonna love that nars!

  5. Definitely the foundation, and I love the Dainty Doll blusher - I don't have that shade, but I have a very similar one from Vita Liberata that I adore, also has no orange tones! I love the lipsticks, wish I could pull off a shade like Rebel x

    1. Oh that's good to know, I'm already panicking about what I'll do when I run out of the Dainty Doll!