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Monday 1 July 2013

The 31 Day Snap #1

Hello and welcome to the start of my 31 Day Snap!
I'm gonna have to cheat over the next few days and use pictures I've taken in the last couple of weeks because I've put my back out and the prospect of hobbling around with a camera does not appeal at the moment. So I'm sorry, but once I'm back on my feet it'll be business as usual.

I took this in the ladies room of the restaurant we went to for my birthday recently and I was completely enamoured with not only the quote but the idea of decorating a door with this- something I would personally love to look at every day and very relevant to my own life (smushy lovey-dovey moment, apologies). I've been really into wall stencil quotes and the like lately and have been making notes of ones I like on Pinterest for my own future home (don't think my landlord would be overly impressed with me throwing up random Oscar Wilde quotes about the place). 
If you're interested in taking part in the 31 Day Snap, check out the original post HERE.


  1. Lovely idea and lovely quote. Good old Oscar had such a way with words :) Sorry to hear about your back, that's such a nuisance, hope it's not too sore, mind yourself x

    1. Thanks Sharon, it's getting better today I think! I love that quote too, Oscars the best :) x