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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Liebster Blog Award Update

The lovely Yvonne from One For The Wishlist (check out her blog, it's super pretty and she's very cool) has just done the Liebster blog award post (read hers HERE) and I was absolutely thrilled to see she has nominated me too. I only recently wrote one myself, which you can read HERE, including the guidelines for how to do the post yourself but because Yvonne wrote some excellent questions, I decided to answer those and do a little update myself! 

So here we go:

1. What made you start blogging in the first place?
I had to go on sick leave from work and so went from working full time, 13 hour shifts to being at home wrapped up in a quilt feeling generally miserable and at a bit of a loss. I had at that stage really enjoyed reading a lot of Irish blogs so said I may as well give it a go myself, and you know it's been a really great experience- I've met some truly lovely people, kept myself entertained and picked up some new skills on the way; photography, computer stuff (technical term) and of course, lots of beauty knowledge!

2. What beauty product do you purchase time and time again?

I tend not to stick to anything really, being a beauty blogger I get a mad urge to keep trying new things but I suppose one thing I have bought several times is the YSL Shocking mascara. I think it's one of the best ones around and is definitely worth the extra euros.

3. What was your childhood pets name?
I had goldfish when I was very small called Bubbles and Goldie. Very unimaginative, I know. I may at some point have had a goldfish called Jaws also. Which at least is slightly cooler. When I was in secondary school we got a kitten, called Mr Meowington. We had him for 9 years until he passed away and I still miss him terribly. Here he is:

He was a little ginger legend

4. What is your middle name?
Ann, after my Aunt.

5. What are you currently reading?
What am I not currently reading would probably be a better question! I'm listening to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury on audio book, reading The Picture of Dorian Grey, Ulysses and Anna Karenina on my phone, the last Sookie Stackhouse book on my kindle and 40 Years of Feminism in actual ye olde book format. I'm actually doing a reading challenge, which you can read about HERE.

6. Favourite tv show?
This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise but I'm gonna go with Buffy. I wrote a whole ode to the show HERE

7. Favourite food?
Anything Italian and I'm there. Particularly pasta, it's a lifelong addiction. I also love cheese and of course, I have a wicked sweet tooth. Diabetes is calling me.

8. Nude or bright lip?
Bright lip, always. Red is my favourite but I also love pink and orange. I like dark shades too, nudes just don't really suit me that well but I do like peaches and pale pinks.

9. Favourite perfume?
I have several favourites- I've worn Chanel Chance and Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb for years. J'adore is also a favourite- that was my wedding perfume. My all time favourite is probably Dior Hypnotic Poison though, I've been wearing that since I started college (way back in the day) so a whiff of it brings back all sorts of memories and it really is just a beautiful perfume.

10. Red or white wine?
White. I love the smell of red but I generally wouldn't enjoy a whole glass, whereas white..well I could just keep going really.

11. Favourite item of clothing/footwear?
Ooh, that's tough. I have a pretty amazing hyper-floral print, cowl neck Ted Baker dress that I really love. It's short but somehow always looks really classy. It can be worn during the day with thick black tights and boots or at night with heels and pearls- it's kind of the perfect dress really. Shoes wise, I'd probably pick my wedding shoes- turquoise open toe with cream polka dots and gold brocade bows on the front. Possibly the prettiest footwear ever.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I did in my original post but if you want to do it yourself then please do, and remember to check out my first post so you know how to do it yourself!


  1. Your wedding shoes sounds fab Chloe, and at least you'll get to wear them again. Mine are ivory satin Jimmy Choo's that I swore I would get dyed and wear again....5 years on and they're still in their shoe box, and still ivory.

    1. I must put up a photo of mine actually! Ooh, Jimmy Choos! I wouldn't dye them, it's lovely to have them as they are I think :) x

  2. really fun to read, you strike me as a red lip gal as well lol. :-)

    1. Thanks Christina! Yeah, I am an awful fiend for a red lip! :) x