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Friday 25 May 2012

Zoya and Sunshine

All this beautiful sunshine requires an equally bright and cheerful nail polish ..step forward Zoya in "Tobey".

I hadn't tried this particular brand before, and given my love for all things nail polish, that situation had to be rectified. So I checked out their website to find out the still say that, right?? I'm still cool, right?!! Anyway, this is the story:

"Designed for fashion runway shows in New York, London, Paris & Milan, Zoya Nail Polish is proud to be the new color fashion. Zoya nail polish and nail care treatments are free of nasty (potentiality carcinogenic) ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor. Did you know that Zoya was the first company to remove these ingredients from their products almost 12 years before anyone ever considered the potential health risks. Not only is Zoya Big 3 Free, Zoya is also designed to be the longest wearing natural nail polish. Zoya really is the "Healthy New Color of Fashion"."

So now. I love me some pink polishes but I think this particular shade might be moving a little too much into Barbie territory. Which is fine, it just means I need to acquire a Malibu Dreamhouse and a new fella called Ken, with questionable body parts.
There's a crazy amount of shades available though, so i may have another perusal. This was 9.90 euro on the Beauty Emporium website, which isn't too shabby.
And here it is on- I applied it whilst sitting out in the sunshine, reading my kindle and trying to avoid ants.

This is two coats, with a top coat of Seche Vite. It applies well but once it's dried, it feels a bit thin on, more like I've coloured my nails with a cheap children's paint rather than a proper polish. So I put on an extra coat this morning- still feels the same. Now in fairness, that could well just be me being mental and it is still a nice polish so I'd be happy to try out another shade. More importantly- Hurrah for sunshine!!

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