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Saturday 13 June 2015

Protect Yo'Self! Sun Lotions from Bioderma, Soltan, Chanel & Calypso.

The sun has finally decided to show its face in Ireland (sorry, Leaving Cert-ers) which means many of us are now liberally lashing on the sun lotion. I wear facial SPF all year around but I must admit I can be lax with everywhere else, especially in the cold Winter months. I do make a concerted effort during the Summer however and so I bring you these sun lotions, which I'm currently trying out. 

Calypso is an Australian brand that my husband picked up in our local chemists. He's always raving about Australian sun care as he thinks they know best. Fair enough. This fella is a factor 50, smells like coconuts (mmmm) and provides a good level of protection. It blends in rather like sun lotions of yore, i.e it takes a bit more massaging in but that's only a slight bugbear. I don't know exactly how much this is but I think it's around a tenner. 

calypso sun lotion

Soltan* is a Boots own brand that produces both protection and self tanning products. These are both Factor 30 which I generally think is a bit low but I wear them for less super sunny days. These are a really lovely formula- it's a new lighter version so it sinks in immediately, making application really easy. They have the highest UVA rating and are waterproof, so it's perfect if you're going in for a dip. I included the mini one (€6.50) there as it's only 50mls so you can bring it in your carry on. Yay! The larger version is €8.50 for 200mls. 

Soltan sun lotion
chanel uv essential

Next up, my beloved Chanel UV Essential facial sun screen with SPF 50. Himself bought this for me when I started getting serious about my sun protection and I've loved it ever since. It sinks in really well, is non-greasy and smells INCREDIBLE. It's also light enough that you can apply make up over it without a bother and the bottle is dinky enough that you can throw it in your bag for top ups if needed. This'll set you back about 50 squids…so yeah, maybe leave that one to the generous people in your life?!

bioderma photderm bronze

I mentioned French pharmacy brand Bioderma in another blog post this week (read about that HERE) and another product I'm loving from them is Photoderm Bronze* with SPF 50. This is a dry oil mist that provides very high sun protection while promoting natural tanning. This is ideal then for those who tan naturally but obviously don't want to get burnt. It's beneficial for very fair skinned peeps, it's non-greasy, non-sticky and can be applied on wet or dry skin. This is certainly pricier at around €22 for 200mls but I think it's a pretty unique and hard working product. 

That's my lot! What's your ultimate sun screen? Is there any product out there that ticks all your sun care needs or do you have to use more than one at a time? To the comments!

*Indicates a press sample. All opinions my own, as always.


  1. i need to get some sun cream for my holidays! i think i'll go for the la roche posay ones again. though i really would like something that sits better under make up…. the chanel one looks fabulous!!

    1. I just tried a nice Ziaja one today Grace and as Sharon has mentioned below, the Eucerin facial spf is lovely- well worth trying!

  2. I think I'll get the Chanel for my face when I go away. Does it smell like their regular creams? That would be cool
    Siobhan xx

    1. It smells exactly like their regular moisturisers- like a very expensive floral if that makes sense?! xx

  3. I use the La Roche Posay Anthelios one for every day, I get a rash from the sun otherwise (I really am not made for heat, genuinely, I should have been born in The Arctic) - also loving Clarins and Eucerin at the minute, the Eucerin was a beauty box find and it doesn't leave me with greasy fingers which is brilliant! I use Nivea 50+ on the kids but it gets everwhere :(

    1. I've tried the eucerin alright- it's so good!!