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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New Household Additions!

I've procured a nice little collection of new bits and pieces for the house lately so I thought I'd gather them all and pop them up here in case anyone's looking for some decorating ideas. All of these bar one were presents- very grateful for my lovely family and friends!

First up is this rather cool lithograph print from Borders

wizard of oz print

While it may look like a cute print of silhouetted shoes, it's actually comprised of words from a segment of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, but in compact form, framing those famous Ruby slippers:

wizard of oz print

Clever, eh? This is the ideal piece of art for a book lover- I have a plan to create a full wall of mismatching prints and paintings when we have our own house (I'm currently hindered by not being able to put any hooks into the walls, hence why this doesn't have a frame..for the time being!) and this will look great with those. A few of those books underneath it are new too by the way but that'll be a separate post!

Next up are new candles from two different Irish brands. This is A Soft Day; Sweet Rain & Long Grass from Soilse:

Soilse candle

Unsurprisingly, this smells a bit like someone's back garden after a light rain shower in Spring. It's very delicate and fresh and has that unique quality of reminding you of home but you're not quite sure why. All of Soilse's candles are handmade using natural soy wax. You can find out more HERE. I'll be picking up "An Irish Christmas" for, well, Christmas (sorry for mentioning the 'C' word in June). 

Max benjamin candle

I've been a big fan of Max Benjamin candles and scent diffusers for a while now so I was very excited by the range of tea scented candles they brought out last year. You may have received one of these from me as a present if you know me actually because the aroma of tea mixed with a candle seems like a match made in heaven. Earl Grey is one of my favourite teas so this was ideal for me. It has a wonderful smoky, almost masculine scent at times so it's a great alternative to the super sweet Yankee candles (that I also like but need a break from sometimes!). 

jewlerry stand

Here's the one thing that I bought myself. This little jewellery stand was practically calling (chirping?) out to me in Avoca and so it had to come home with me. I think it was around €12. It's great for me as I take off my rings to use hand cream, remove nail polish, put on fake tan etc and I used to often find myself in the unfortunate position of scrambling around looking for said rings as I'd put them down somewhere stupid. Not anymore! I leave them on this and the bird minds them for me. As he does the odd necklace too. 

glasses holder

My husband brought back this hipstery looking owl from a trip to Germany after seeing it and thinking "Chloe's always knocking her glasses off her bedside table! AND she likes cute forrest animals!". I am LITERALLY the easiest person ever to buy for, in spite of, or possibly because of my oddly specific tastes. Anyway, this is the greatest invention of all time. I recently upgraded to these super fancy Dior glasses and they obviously require their own personal holder so Owly* here arrived just in time. 

morrissey tea towel

Lastly but certainly not least is this tea towel of the legend that is Morrissey. Look at him there, all quiffed up. You can find it HERE from with the frankly wonderful description of "Some towels are bigger than others". YESSSSS. 

Bold & Noble have a whole range of famous tea towel faces, including Bowie, Prince ("I only want to see you *drying* in the purple rain"...I mean, come on!!!) and Madonna. I may have to get those too. Can you imagine the epic sing-offs the four of them would have in the kitchen while I slept? It is literally the stuff of dreams. 

That's my lot for the moment! Would any of these make the cut in your own home? Or have you found any other lovely new home stuffs I should be picking up too? To the comments!

 *Yes, he's called Owly. Not exactly the most imaginative but sure it was either that or Jim the Owl, so...


  1. That lithograph print is very cute! The candles brands I didn't know but now I am interested.That Victorian Earl grey one sounds great!

  2. OMG that tea towel!! I neeeeed it! :D

  3. The print is so clever! Love that. Also love the little bird and the owl and the tea towel - just all of it. Soilse candles are gorgeous, love the packaging too! I had the heather one, was fab x

  4. chloe, that print is amazing! you probably know i am a wizard of oz fanatic, i'd love to have one to hang in my office!