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Monday 22 June 2015

Bourjois Parisian Summer: For ALL Your Bronzing Needs!

Bourjois are my all time favourite high street cosmetics brand and this Summer they have all sorts of amazing new products at reasonable prices to tempt us. Today I'm showing you four new bronzing products from their Parisian Summer range; Sunlight Elixir Tinted Dry Oil, Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder, Sun Illusion Blur Skin Perfector and BB Bronzing Cream.

bourjois bronzing

Sunlight Elixir is a shimmering, tinted dry oil with an SPF 15. Being a dry oil, it has all the benefits of a regular oil; it's moisturising and adds a healthy sun kissed glow to the skin but because it's a "dry" oil it's also non-greasy and sinks in quickly. Also, it smells INCREDIBLE (actually, all the products in this range do). Like a mixture of coconuts, vanilla and sweet heavenly goodness. This is ideal for those with a tan already or if you're me, a lovely false tan. It enhances what's there and leaves a radiant shimmer that's very Monte Carlo esque. Ideal for Dublin then, wha? This is €16.99. Oh and you can use it on your face too!

bourjois sunlight elixir

Next up is the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder, designed to smooth the skin, refine the pores and leave a sun-kissed effect. This fella is ideal for those who need anti-shine control and prefer a matte finish to a shimmery bronzer. Although it's part of the Summer range, it's recommended for use all year around. I really like this bronzer; it's super soft, so it's very easily blended and is a perfect shade for us paler folks (I have light glow, it also comes in dark glow). This is €10.49.

Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder

The Sun Illusion Blur Skin Perfector has almost a bouncy, mousse-like consistency so it's very light and blends in easily. It has the benefits of a primer in that it evens out, softens and smoothes the complexion but it also leaves a golden glow like a self tanner would. Two-in-one for the win! 
I have the shade dark glow to try out which I was worried would be too unnatural for my skin tone but actually it's very wearable, especially when I have tan on my neck already. 
I brought this to Rome to try out while I was amongst all the beautifully tanned Italians and loved the soft glow it gave me underneath my foundation. I wouldn't say I looked quite as bronzed as the locals but it certainly made me feel more confident! I would liken this to the Clarins Instant Smooth Golden Glow- both provide a bronzing primer effect but this one is obviously much more affordable at €11.99.

Bourjois Sun Illusion Blur Skin Perfector

Lastly we have the BB Bronzing cream, an 8 in 1 to provide a flawless and natural looking tan. You're probably wondering what the 8 are, yes? Well, you've got:

1. Golden glow effect 2. Even skin tone 3. Radiance
4. 24 hour hydration 5. Tan enhancement 6. Fresh effect
7. SPF 15 and 8. High resistance.

I have this in light glow (it again comes in dark glow) and is a good match for my skin tone. The formula is super light, you'd hardly know it's on your face actually. I tried this on its own and the overall look of my face improved immediately. I looked a bit healthier, like I'd been soaking up the Vitamin D and had gotten a decent nights sleep. I had in fact, done neither of those things, so yay for BB bronzing cream! Having said that, this is nowhere near enough coverage for me if I was going somewhere- It's perfect for a no make-up day, doing the groceries or going for a walk but I would still need something a bit more foundation-y for everything else. This is €11.99

Bourjois bb bronzing cream

Obviously none of these are blended in the photo, I just wanted to swatch them so you could see the consistency.

These are all currently available. If you want to see more you can find them HERE from Feel Unique.

What do you think of Bourjois Parisian Summer?
Anything catching your eye?

*Products contained in this post were provided for review. All opinions my own, as always. 


  1. I kind of what everything! That bronzer looks lovely x

  2. I love that mat bronzing powder, it's really good! The rest of the range looks great too. Love a bit of Bourjois (or as my sister in law calls it - in a non-joking way - Bonjour)

    1. Ha that's gas! I love Bourjois too, always bring out such gorgeous products that are actually affordable.

  3. I love the look and sound of all of these products! The dry oil looks like it might give a similar effect to the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body! xx


    1. Ooh, I hadn't thought of that! Fab! I've wanted something like the Nuxe shimmer oil for ages so this is a brilliant alternative for me! xx

  4. They have got it so right with the packaging, very French chic!
    By the looks of the swatches they would be far too dark for my pale skin and might make me look orange.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

    1. I thought the same with the packaging, very nautical! The primer I have is in the darker shade but I find it still quite wearable- but then I wear fake tan a lot too. Might be worth swatching the lighter versions in Boots to see?

  5. I think I need to apply all of these at once I'm so pale!! The bronzer looks a lovely texture

    1. It is! It's such a great texture, love it! I'm the same tbh, lashing on the bronzer at the minute! :D