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Friday 19 June 2015

Follow You Home | Book Review

It's probably about time for a book review and today I bring you a brand new psychological thriller from bestselling British author, Mark Edwards. I'd previously read Because She Loves Me (review HERE) and although I enjoyed that book (I actually struggled to put it down), I had been slightly disappointed by the ending so I was looking forward to seeing how I'd get on with Follow You Home

The story begins with a young couple, Daniel and Laura, who are on one last final hurrah; a trip of a lifetime before they settle down and start a family. They find themselves on a night train to Romania, where catastrophically their tickets and passports are stolen and end up thrown off the train in the middle of nowhere. From there, they must walk to the nearest town through the very creepy countryside and it is there that their lives are irrevocably changed.

The book then fast forwards three months and we're in London. Daniel and Laura's lives are in absolute tatters; their friends are concerned for them but they refuse to speak of the trauma they experienced while in Romania and instead continue to suffer from nightmares, insomnia and paranoia. Or is it paranoia? Strange events start to occur that all seem to be connected- it seems like every time Daniel goes to speak to someone about what happened to them, something terrible befalls someone he knows. 
It becomes more and more obvious that something bad has followed them home and really it's just a matter of sticking with the characters until they figure this out too. 
That element of the book was slightly frustrating but the suspense was carefully and slowly built so by the time it's finally revealed just what happened that night, I was on absolute tenterhooks. 
That reveal is about half way through the book but somehow the author keeps producing more little shocks and surprises from then on, which only really end on the last page. 
Their Romanian secret is very dark and very unpleasant but given how broken the main characters are, that is not particularly surprising. 
There are several different threads in this book and like his previous work, Edwards skilfully weaves them together to create a spine chilling thriller that has definitely stayed with me since. There are plenty of dodgy characters and red herrings thrown in and I defy anyone to be able to figure out the mystery themselves. 
If you're looking for a gripping read with a haunting atmosphere, this is the book for you.

I was provided with an advanced copy of Follow You Home to review but I was so taken by this novel that I've since bought Edward's first book, The Magpies on Kindle to read next.

Have you read anything from Mark Edwards? Any other thrillers you'd recommend?


  1. What were the odds of us reviewing the same book on the same day! :)

    I look forward to hearing how you get on with 'Magpies', because for all the issues I had with 'Follow You Home' and 'Because She Loves Me' I do love the premise of Edwards' stories.

    1. I know, crazy! I will indeed, that one sounds good too I think!

  2. I haven't read any of his books yet, I might take a look at this at some stage! Just finished "I Let You Go" by Claire Mackintosh - brilliant thriller, very disturbing to read in parts but definitely one to recommend.

    1. Ooh excellent! I'll add that to the list, thank you! x

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  4. This sounds brilliant! I'll put it on my reading list. :) xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life