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Monday 17 June 2013

Pimms and er, Croquet on the Lawn..

OK, so there was no croquet, I may be fancy but I'm not quite that fancy. Pimms though- what a delightfully refreshing, Summery drink. Obviously this is an alcoholic cocktail (about 25% vol..eep) so drink responsibly and only if you're over 18 (Unfortunately for me, it's been a good decade since I last had a surly bouncer check my i.d. Oh, those were the days).
Anyways, you'll need:

Pimms No.1, 50mls if you're only making one glass (but that'd be crazy cause it's delicious and you'll undoubtedly want more), or 200mls for a jug.
Lemonade (we went for the cloudy variety, just for added interest..very exciting lives we lead altogether)
Mint (about half a packet)
Oranges (I used two)
A punnet of Strawberries
Half a cucumber, peeled
A lemon.
You can also add in other fruit if you like- I made this with apples before too and it was lovely.

Slice all the fruit, throw into your jug with a load of ice.
Pour over one part Pimms to three parts Lemonade.
Give it a good old stir!

Add your mint on top to garnish..

..and enjoy!


  1. Right, I am going to need you to come over to my house and bring your mixing arm. Mine is broken... but I have the jug and the ingredients!!!

    1. Oh no, you poor thing! I would gladly be your mixologist, I believe I have now perfected the art of the Pinms making! :) x

  2. I can't have the dang Pimms but the rest looks gorgeous! The mere mention of the word croquet makes me want to watch Heathers x

    1. Aah, I love Heathers!! Oh Christian Slater..swoon. xx

  3. Replies
    1. It is ridiculously delicious. Wouldn't say no to some now actually..

  4. Nice recipe and photos! It was certainly the weather for it :-)

    1. Thank you! Yeah it was perfect weather, hopefully we'll get a few more weekends like that!