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Wednesday 5 June 2013

June Wishlist

Here's what I've been adding to that mental list of "things I'd quite like to own":

1) Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, HERE but not to be found in my shade anywhere, apparently. The nice lady at the Nars counter informs me that this is sold out across Europe, such is the greatness of the product. I've swatched this and have been matched to it so I can testify to the fact that it is an amazing concealer and may be the one to finally cover up my under eye bags, which have by now reached the critical stage that people will soon be asking me if I am in fact on crystal-meth. Hopefully Nars will lash out a few more before that day comes.
2) The Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, HERE. This looks amazing but is crazily expensive so until I find a cheap version on eBay I'll be trying to master the perfect curl using my GHD. 
3)Caudalie Vinosource Serum SOS. I like French brand Caudalie, I've been using a sample of their eye cream (for aforementioned horrendous eye bags) and really like it so I'm quite tempted by this serum for dry, dehydrated skin which just looks so comforting. You can find it HERE.
4) Oh Stila. My love for you grows stronger by the day. These are the brands new Summer eyeshadow range, the Countless colour pigments. They come in all sorts of beautiful colour combinations that allow you to use the individual colours alone or swirl them together to create your own shade. Gorgeous and can be found HERE.

5) I love a good stripe and this pencil skirt from Oasis (HERE) is no exception. 
6) Zara have been producing some fantastic coats (HERE) lately. This two tone number would be so perfect for Summer. 

7) I love statement necklaces and am crazy about this super bright floral and Rhinestone collar HERE, from Topshop, which may well have to come to live with me very soon. Pretty.
8) Lastly and perhaps the most random item- this HERE mug from Hairy Baby. I love everything the Irish company sell as they have the perfect mix of witty slogans and classic Irish-isms, that always have me in stitches. For no discernible reason, I find myself drawn to this Lent mug, which is completely irrelevant to my life, considering I haven't given anything up for lent since Mary Robinson was President (note-those two things are unrelated). Good times.


  1. That Stila eyeshadow has made it's way into my heart too, what a beaut! I need to get it! The babyliss is... no words, just amazing! May settle for getting a jose ebor curling wand....

    1. I actually got one of the Jose eber ones a couple of years ago and it's good, I just need something even more foolproof!

  2. It's very cool, isn't it? I think it'd go with so much.

  3. The Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl is amazing! I didn't even know such a thing existed. I watched a video with in action and it just blows my mind that curls are happening by just pulling it through.