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Monday, 3 September 2012

Nars: Burn it Blue and Night Porter

When I was a youngster I experimented a lot with eye make up and wore a variety of colours- blues, greens, purples, reds and pinks. I was particularly fond of a blue Urban Decay shadow called "swimming pool"which I used to (ill advisedly) slather on, probably thinking I was great. Thankfully I had the sense to realise bright blue eyeshadow and pink frosted lipstick were a no-go, so at least I spared myself that misfortune. These days my make up look is a bit more subdued. I tend to reach for the Naked palette or Chanel's Illusion D'Ombres rather than anything too bright. Recently I felt like shaking things up a bit so I thought I'd return to my roots and get some blue/green action going on. Hence these babies:

Burn it blue is a duo-cream eyeshadow in turquoise and iridescent ocean-blue, designed to be either worn alone, together or under other shadows as a base colour. Because these are creams, they apply like a dream (Nars suggest fingertips or a brush- I prefer fingertips for this), are easy to blend and have a non-crease formula. As you can see from the swatch (which were lightly applied) they're also highly pigmented. What I like about these is that you can go all out and do a full eye or use just a small amount as liner on the upper lid with black liner to create a smokey look but with a flash of colour. I like these. That shimmery ocean colour in particular is actually really wearable and very pretty on. This will set you back around 33 euros (pricey but it's Nars- you're paying for a high quality product) and is also available in three other shades: Summer Time (Champagne and Sunset Gold), Madagascar (Satin Nude and Smokey Quartz) and Camarague (Golden Moss and Sienna infused with sparkly bits). Summer time and Camarague are calling my name..

This is kind of a cheat cause it's actually mostly black with green shimmer but what the hey! Nars describe Night Porter as a "micronized powder formula..highly pigmented, sheer shadows..crease resistant. Easy to blend, the shadows can be layered for a more dramatic effect, in a selection of matte and shimmer finishes". It's all true! Nars have not lied to us! Hurrah! Look at that swatch- it's so gorgeous and it really is just so pigmented, again that was only lightly applied but it still comes up a very strong colour. Love it. I got this when I was in Chicago and I have no idea how much I paid for it. Apologies. I just checked on ASOS though and it's 23.46 euro on that. Again, this is expensive but it is an excellent product. This also comes in 17 other lovely colours.

Anyone any other bright shadows they can recommend to me while I'm splashing out colour-wise?!


  1. HI Ceecee!
    What can I say? I love NARS shades and I think your choices are amazing! I am now particularly in love with Burn it blue, so vivid and happy colours!
    XOXO from a new follower here,

    1. Thanks so much Catanya, glad you liked them! Just checked out your amazing blog- love it and am now following too!xx