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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hairdressing Rant..

Todays post is a little bit different. Basically I was giving out about this for most of last week and as I'm still annoyed over it I thought it might be somewhat cathartic to write it down (or type it down as the case may be).
So last week ahead of a family wedding I headed off to the hairdressers for a cut and half a head of lights. Arriving there the stylist who was to do the cut informed me that I hadn't been booked in for the colour, just the cut. Rather than being apologetic he asked me if I had in fact actually asked for the colour when I booked, no, I thought it might be more fun to see if they could guess telepathically what I wanted instead. Bizarre. He spent a long while telling me I didn't need to get the colour done anyway, why was I wasting my money doing that etc? I think he missed the part where I was giving money to his employers, but anyway. He then spent the next 40 mins asking me a lot of questions. I mean A LOT. It wasn't even like he was trying to make conversation, it was more like I was a suspect in a crime and he was interrogating me. A hair crime!
Here's a small selection of questions he threw my way:
  • Do you use straighteners?
  • How often do you colour your hair?
  • Do you use expensive products? (seriously)
  • Exactly which products do you use?
  • When you wash your hair do you stand up in the shower or tip your hair upside down? (seriously)
  • Do you ever use dry shampoo?
  • Is the water in your area hard? (seriously)
  • Is your hair knotted after washing it?
  • How many times a week do you wash your hair?
  • Would you consider not colouring your hair anymore?
  • Would you consider washing your hair less?
Jesus, I feel withered just typing it. Believe me when I say that's just the tip of the questioning iceberg. He decided the back of my hair wasn't in great condition and all the many questions were to determine what it was I had done wrong to have caused the problem. Cause that's so relaxing. I don't know if it's just me but I consider getting my hair done to be a treat, especially when you're paying well for it. A cup of tea, a magazine and a bit of peace and quiet shouldn't be that much to ask for. 
Because I actually take quite good care of my hair he decided EVENTUALLY that it was the fault of hard water in my area..which I can do nothing about. So that whole thing was both stressful and a complete waste of both of our time. It's not like I was even receptive to conversation- I kept my head buried in a magazine the whole time so each new question was clearly interrupting me from what I was reading. That's the part I really don't understand. Like he obviously thought he was being helpful by asking me all that but how was it not incredibly obvious to him that I wanted to be left alone? I didn't ask for his advice so I'm still confused as to why he felt the need to spend 40 minutes giving it. To be honest it wasn't the greatest cut or blow dry I've ever had either, in fact I've definitely done better myself (shocking, I know). Worse still is that it wasn't til I got home that I realised that the hair style itself wasn't that great so I hadn't complained on my way out of the hairdressers. Gah.
Is this just me? Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Obviously all stylists are different but it has completely turned me off ever going to this particular hairdressers again. 
I do feel much better after that little rant though. Aaahh (relaxed noise).


  1. Oh dear, never had a hairdresser like this (thankfully)! Hope your next time is more relaxing!

    1. Ah thanks Hun, fingers crossed! Lots of good ones out there! :)

  2. Name and shame! I never want to encounter this terrible person! xo

    1. I won't name the individual but I will say it was Toni and Guy!! Awful experience!

  3. Oh dear! I feel as if my hairdressers are quite inquisitive too and sometimes ask me questions that make me feel awkward but those questions are on another level - how disturbing!

    1. Its strange isn't it? Like sometimes I think it's just a bit too invasive, he was asking me who's wedding it was and where it was on etc and I was a bit like "hmm,maybe I don't want to tell you EVERYTHING about my life!!" ;)