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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lovely Vintage Finds

I spotted the above pendant in the window of an antiques store last Saturday. Although the display was literally just a swarm of necklaces, brooches, earrings etc, this stood out to me straight away. I love cherries and this was just too pretty to resist- the fruit is a pink/red glass while the stalk and leaves are gold plated. The shop owner tried to tell me this dates from 1925..hmm. Bit sceptical about that but to be honest I would've bought this even if it had been made yesterday, it just has a lovely tactile quality to it. Because the chain was missing I got 10 euros off, which was sweet but it does mean I'm now on the hunt for a long gold, reasonably priced chain so if anyone has any ideas where one could find such a thing, please let me know!

This 1950's crocodile patent/suede handbag was a vintage find from The Loft Market in the Powerscourt centre- which is well worth checking out, they sell a variety of different jewelry and accessory designers as well as vintage items the owner has sourced, like the above.
The bag itself is in very good condition- to be honest, they just don't make handbags the way they used to. Back in the day women used to have one or two bags only, classic designs in durable materials that lasted them forever- hence why I now own this! There's four pockets, apart from the main one in the middle, which in itself contains a further two pockets! Handy! I love this bag, it makes me feel slightly more ladylike and hopefully just a little bit as stylish as a Hitchcock heroine- seriously, watch out for the outfits in those films, the bags are exactly like this!
I love both of these items- aside from their obvious prettiness, I love thinking about who might have owned these, if they were lifelong favourites and if they loved them as much as I now do. Ah, the joys of vintage shopping :-)


  1. That handbag is seriously classy

  2. I love food themed jewelry that is done tastefully. I'm totally envious of that pendant.

    I've been loving my gold shortcake earrings lately. It was done by an indie artist. I posted a pic on my twitter here:!/finding_whimsy/media/slideshow?

    1. Just had a look at the earrings- love them! So pretty! xx

  3. As I said on twitter, I am just in love with that cherry!!!! x

  4. Adore that pendant, very pretty x