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Thursday 30 August 2012

Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

I've previously talked about my love for the beautiful Grace Kelly here, so when my lovely SIL suggested we take a trip to the Newbridge Silverware Visitors centre, I was obviously fairly thrilled. The centre can be unsurprisingly found in Kildare in Newbridge and features artifacts and garments that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor (I also ranted about how amazing she was here), Audrey Hepburn (another one of my all time favourite her), Marilyn Monroe (ah here, I should've just put a disclaimer at the start: "I love ALL of these people"), Princess Diana, The Beatles, Michael Jackson (not such a huge fan), amongst others.
Prepare yourself for a stupid amount of photos of the pretty shiny things we saw:

Marilyn, left, in her own beautiful pink Gucci dress, top right in a coat from "The Prince and the Showgirl", bottom right- a really cool polkadot umbrella used in famous beach photoshoot.

I don't remember who most of these were worn by (apologies, I'm useless) but check out the Ingrid Bergman dress at the start and the black Vivien Leigh number (second on the left).

Oh Sweet Jesus, the Audrey Hepburn section..packed with memorabilia and beautiful items. I WANT that poster from "Charade", (top left), the Vespa from "Roman Holiday" (top middle), "My Fair Lady" poster (top right), Outfits from Charade (left middle row and Audrey wearing the orange Givenchy coat, centre, middle row), "My Fair Lady" poster, little black dress from "Charade", Summer dress and hat from "Funny Face" (bottom left) and most amazingly- the pink embellished dress from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (bottom right..if you hear that this has mysteriously gone missing, you'll know what happened..I'll have stolen it, basically).

                                                            Jackson 5 Outfits..sparkly.

Random beautiful 1950's dress sketches..

Princess Di's "Revenge" dress (top), wedding dress sketches and replica of the wedding dress, her actual veil (top right).

Seriously, would you just look at that amazing pale pink/blue dress belonging to Grace Kelly, just stunning. Bottom left are pictures of her wearing the beautiful green Givenchy suit and flower head piece there on the right.

Bejewelled cream caftan and matching earrings belonging to Elizabeth Taylor, dress from one of her films (forget which one, sorry..)

Bette Davis costumes from Essex and Elizabeth (1939).

So that's it! There was actually a lot of other stuff, photographs, letters etc but I didn't think there was much point in photographing them, they wouldn't really have shown up that well here. If you fancy going to see these for yourself the centre is open 7 days a week, from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 6pm on Sundays, admission is free, there's a car park, cafe and Newbridge Silverwear shop (which is always nice to have a little wander around!).


  1. Audrey Hepburn has to be my favorite style icon. Effortlessly classic elegance. Just beautiful. Really loved this post... A lot. :) xx

    1. I know, I love her too. She was just so classically beautiful and so elegant. I really love Grace Kelly's style too- fabulous!xx

  2. Oh the style.. I was born in the wrong era

    1. Me too! Can you imagine being able to wear those clothes all the time! Amazing!x

  3. I NEED to go see this! The clothes are so amazing, A Hepburn is just the most perfect person x