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Thursday 30 August 2012

Chanel Haul! Vertigo, Suspicious and plenty more!

Clearly the Sales Assistants at the Chanel counter saw me coming.

I, ahem, happened to be in HoF the day the A/W Chanel range came out and as my sister was buying my other sister a birthday present from the many beautiful things there, I felt it was incumbent upon me to pick up a couple of items for share with all of you, obviously. I'm generous like that.
For eyes, the new range compromises of : four Ombre Essentielle soft touch eyeshadows, one Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadows, two Stylo Yeux Waterproof long lasting eyeliners in Noir Intense and Silver Light.
For the Face: A rather stunning Illuminating Powder with shimmer and a Powder blush in Rose Initiale.
For the lips: A Precision Lip Definer Pencil, Two Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Glosses (that's a mouthful), a Levres Scintillantes Gloss, two Rouge Coco Shines and a Rouge Coco Creme.
Fragrance: Coco Noir Eau de Parfum
Lastly, for nails: 3 Le Vernis in Frenzy, Vertigo and Suspicious.
I felt it was important to clarify just how much is in the range so that my purchases seemed minor in comparison :-)
When I read a while back that the A/W range was rumoured to be inspired by Hitchcock movies, I was beyond excited..Hitchcock AND Chanel??!! two of my favourite things together! Hurrah! The look is smokey, sultry and a little bit mysterious..definitely in-keeping with Hitch's heroines, which I've previously discussed here.
So I picked up a long lasting eyeliner in Noir Intense.

This is actually part of the permanent collection but I needed a new kohl-type liner and this is kind of amazing. It's a twist-up pencil with a very fine nib for extra precision and a little pencil sharpener built in at the end which you can pull out and use to re-focus the point of the pencil as needed:

I love this. I've used it a few times now since buying it and I can confirm that it is in fact completely waterproof and smudgeproof, as well as being easy to apply. It's just a great product. The only slight drawback I can think of is that it requires a bit of extra effort to remove it at night, my Liz Earle does take it off but it needs more attention than other eye make-up I have, which to be honest is not a huge negative for me, eyeliner tends to always smudge on me, giving me the dreaded panda-eyes, so I was pretty delighted to find a product that doesn't do this, at last!
I also picked up two Soft Touch Eyeshadows, in Complice and Black Star.

(Black Star)
Complice is a beautiful pale pink shimmery shadow while Black Star is a black/dark grey shadow with tiny silver sparkles. Both are as suggested, soft to the touch, easily applied and blend-able and both compliment each other extremely well, hence I got the two! They come with a sponge applicator and are housed in a little velvet pouch, which is just typically lovely packaging from Chanel.

   (swatches of the eyeliner, Black Star and Complice)

Lastly I got drawn in by the beautiful new polish shades. I am a bit of a fangirl of Chanel polishes in general. I know there can be issues with chipping with some of them, but the shades are just always so stunning, I can't resist! Rouge Noir and Blue Satin are two of my all time favourite polishes, I don't think anything will ever replace them in my affections, but God knows I'll keep looking- it's my civic duty as a beauty blogger!
Anyways, I was really excited about Frenzy, after seeing all the attention it's been getting. Unfortunately, it just didn't suit my skin tone, being a very pale beige/nude shade and given that I am very pale naturally, the two together just didn't look right. Oh well, Frenzy is probably one my least favourite of Hitchcock's films..I did instead fall a bit in love with Suspicious, a rich raspberry creme and Vertigo, a murky dark brown shot through with purple shimmer. I'm actually watching Vertigo for about the millionth time as I'm typing this- it really is a classic.

Jaysus, just look at them there, beautiful. These are really easy to apply, ONE coat and it's perfect, dries quickly and is super shiny. No need for a top coat unless you want it to last a bit longer. Apologies for the swatch picture, the photo doesn't do them justice- neither of them really look like those colours in real life! Aargh!
So that's my lot. I was also very tempted by the limited edition Illuminating Powder. It really is a thing of beauty- designed to resemble sequins and super sparkly to match. After a few uses the top layer of shimmer wears off so you don't look like C3P-O all the time with a big sparkly face. What you're left with is a warm golden powder, really flattering on the skin.
The blush is a pretty pink shade and I was also very interested in the rouge Coco Shine in Parfait- a great bubblegum pink in the usual lovely Coco Shine formula, which just feels so nourishing. I have 'Boy' already though so unless that runs out really fast I think I'll resist! I didn't hugely love the silver eye pencil but that's just a personal preference. The Quadra eyeshadow palette is made up of black, gold, pink and brown shades. These are lovely but nothing really new. The Intense long wear lip glosses are both pretty great and well worth a look if you're in the market for a highly pigmented lipstick/gloss.
Lastly, although it is more of an individual preference, I can highly recommend the new Coco Noir eau de parfum. It just smells divine. I really love Coco Mademoiselle and this has a faint hint of that but with a more intense, oriental twist. The bottle is also rather fabulous, definitely a candidate for the dressing table eye candy! Well worth a spray, if you happen to find yourself at a counter any time soon, or if like me, you can't resist the allure of Chanel and find yourself there on purpose!


  1. Great review... Black Star is RIGHT up my street, love it!

    1. Oh it's so lovely Hazel, well worth checking out!x

  2. Look at them there indeed! They're gorgeous! Very jealous :) x

    1. Aren't they lovely! Can't wait till my nails are better so I can start wearing the polishes. Don't think I'll ever be parted from the eyeliner, it's amazing!xx

  3. Wow everything looks just beautiful, and delighted I have some lovely Chanel polish now thanks to your fab giveaway, can't wait to try it!

  4. Excuse me while I drool all over my keyboard here.

    Those eyeshadows look just stunning!

    1. They are very lovely! My sister practically had to drag me away from the counter, Id say I would've bought plenty more if I hadn't been stopped! :) xx