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Sunday, 8 July 2012

YSL La Laque Couture

Ooh, fancy! HTB was in the duty free recently and along with my favourite mascara (YSL Faux Cils) and a lovely new bronzer (YSL again, review to follow soon!) he also picked me up the brand's La Laque Couture in no 4, Coral Colisee:

Yup, he's a good'un. This is part of their S/S range, I had already scoped it out in Brown Thomas, where I couldn't stop picking it up from the display, proclaiming "Shiny..pretty..". The SA gave me the big sell (completely unnecessary given my appreciative mumblings)- apparently this is "like Shellac in its finish", "doesn't chip", "not like all other nail polishes". Sold! Except they had none in stock. Boo. Luckily HTB found it in the airport and I giddily did my nails soon thereafter. This is it with 2 coats, apologies for the impromptu photo but I sensed the chipping force was strong in this one and that a photo should be taken, stat!

Anyway, after the pictured coffee (accompanied by brunch of eggy bread, crispy bacon, mascarpone and maple syrup..heart attack on a plate but so good!) I went home and threw on another layer with a top coat of Seche Vite:

So shiny and pretty! This is seriously easy to apply, it has quite a wide brush and it dries super fast- no streaking or waiting about. Lasting ability is not so great. What's that?-"Like Shellac" you say? "Doesn't chip", you say? had already chipped after a day. Now in fairness, I'm never sure if chipping is due to my poor quality nails but then again, some polishes last me for ages without chipping so it could well be more the poor quality of the polish itself than anything else. Polish pretty much never chips on my toes though so I think this'll be a nice Summery colour to wear with sandals, if Summer does in fact decide to make a reappearance (slash appearance full stop). 

This is completely neither here nor there but the name of this keeps reminding me of Game of Thrones:

Khaleesi, that is. Not Colisee. Similar though.
Aaargh, Game of Thrones, so addictive!


  1. Ohhh it's stunning :) I love it x

  2. I love this colour! I'm surprised about the chipping. Unfortunately a lot of expensive nail varnishes chip on me. Opi is pretty bad (though I never wear top coats..,that's probably the problem!)

    1. I find some OPI ones don't chip at all and others do, whether I wear a top coat or not! It's all a bit hit and miss really :-)