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Monday, 23 July 2012

Catrice Revoltaire Smokey Eyes Palette

I haven't been in Penneys in aaages so I've pretty much missed out on Catrice's Revoltaire collection. A recent trip there and I spotted this lovely little palette, which for only 4.99 I had to pick up (along with a pair of ankle boots and a pair of ballet flats- cause I really needed both of them, obviously. Ahem).

The packaging is so pretty on this, it reminds me a little bit of Urban Decay actually. The palette, called Toxic Combination consists of 3 eyeshadows (top 2 and bottom left) and a dry-to-wet eyeliner (the darkest shade, bottom right). The colours themselves remind me a bit of a YSL palette I got about 5 years ago and loved so much that I pretty much wore it out, so I was really drawn to these shades.

Pigmentation on these are really good, that acid green is beautiful (not a phrase I'd ever thought I'd be using), the greeny/taupe and the grey are lovely too. I can't for the life of me find an eyeliner brush to test out the eyeliner with but I have mixed it with water and my finger which gave me some idea, although not very scientific, obviously. Annoyingly, every single palette in the shop was missing its duo applicator, which I was none too impressed with, but I wanted it so instead I shook my fist at Penneys and bought it anyway. Good times.
Here are the swatches, the eyeliner is dry in this (last swatch on the right), cause it just looked a bit messy wet without a proper brush:

Very nice. That green will look particularly good with blue and brown eyes, I think.
But what think ye?


  1. I don't usually go for smokey looks often these days, but wow, that packaging is fantastic!