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Thursday, 26 July 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche Blues

As part of my birthday present from the lovely Bella at For Stella and Bob I received three beautiful blues from L'Oreal. Given my search for the perfect blue polish, this was an ideal gift and I've greatly been enjoying trying out each one and staring at my nails, going "Ooooh, pretty". As I am fond of doing generally.

                                 From left to right: French Riviera, Sky Fits Heaven, RebelBlue

French Riviera is a soft, powdery blue creme with a shot of fine shimmer running through it. I've been loving all over these pastel shades this Summer so I was drawn to this beauty first. Here it is on the nail:

I wore this for my hen night as it went perfectly with my MadMen/ladylike aesthetic. I love it.

Sky Fits Heaven is the middle blue, it's a solid creme- no shimmer in this one. It actually reminds me of a denim blue, a la Chanel.

Lastly, RebelBlue, a dark blue creme with a fairly strong shimmer running through it, it dries darker on the nail than how it looks in the bottle:

These applied really easily, aided by a wide brush and a fast drying formula. Two coats and they were all opaque. As usual I used base and top coat but they did look quite shiny on their own. Lasting ability was good, they pretty much all took more than a couple of days to start chipping, which is always a happy occurrence where my nails are concerned.
Now to try and choose my favourite..


  1. French Riviera is one of my current faves and now after seeing it on you I really want Sky Fits Heaven too! xo

  2. Where have you gone to Nurse Fancypants?!?! Come back!

    1. Emma, that comment has actually made my day-I've been on honeymoon so wasn't blogging but didn't think I'd be missed! Thank you! Normal blogging service shall return very soon! :) Xxx